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The Water Spirits of Purva Ashada


Moon is in Purva Ashada today. Being the height of Venus energy, it is very conducive to enjoying oneself or one's partner. Wearing all of one's favorite jewelry, perfume, and especially lingerie is very conducive to tapping into the energies of this nakshatra, which was the most common moon placement for VS models. This nakshatra, like Venus, does not really like individuals who choose to be single, and this alludes to the dangerous aspect of this nakshatra. Jupiter and Venus are enemies and pull individuals in opposite directions in certain ways. Jupiter likes giving to everyone indiscriminately, whereas Venus is private and very choosy. Jupiter likes to expand its individuality, whereas Venus likes to submerge itself into its partner. For this reason, we see that Purva Ashada, being the most Venusian, likes to use its feminine skills to harm others who do not respect the energies of Venus by marrying. The Apah water spirits of this nakshatra are very seductive in nature, using this element to flood the Swadisthana center of men in order to erode their willpower. Many men become seduced into marrying a water spirit, due to their immense beauty, and many magicians evoke them into the body of a woman who is about to die to consummate the marriage physically. These water spirits desire yang energy so much that through repeated seductions they cause a man to give over their will to them entirely and become absorbed into and consumed by the water spirit. This causes the man to lose his individuality and his other elements after death and he becomes a kind of familiar or plaything to the water spirit. The desire to become the servant or toy of a beautiful woman is one that is well known to many men and water elementals really encourage this behavior. Water elementals are very soothed by compliments about their appearance, being vain in nature, and are obsessed with bathing and hygiene. It is their nature to wish to inspire fantasies or fascinate others. Their favorite pass time is mastering others through the use of passion and seduction, drawing people in with an icy hypnotic gaze. The many myths of sirens or water spirits luring men to their doom have their root in this nakshatra, and this is why swimming at night-- when yin is more powerful-- can be dangerous for some people. The evocation of water elementals works especially well on Purva Ashada moon nights. Like the Nagas, who are also water spirits, they are treasure troves of occult knowledge and are quite generous with it to the clean, polite, and sincere seeker. These spirits, and Purva Ashada moon natives themselves, love the fine arts and embodying beauty and sharing it with others. They enjoy creating lush and appealing imagery and feel a religious sentiment towards beautiful forms. This sentiment touches upon the mystery of images and forms, hinted at by Dion Fortune when she said “What you contemplate, you touch. What you enter into in imagination, you make yourself one with.” When we observe a beautiful image, we experience a kind of communion and absorption into it and can even get lost in it.

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I think I remained unmarried and had sex with a prostitute or someone like that (watery nymph or syren) in my previous life. This life, I have ketu in first house. I need to discover my "lost individuality" this life. Since my moon and ascendant are in venus ruled nakshatras, I'm venusian and hence my individuality can be attained only after I immerse myself in my spouse. Since marriage is the highest karma, we must get married. When I was dead last life, I guess I lost my individuality in the process as the water elemental had soaked out of me the qualities that defined me and made my individuality and identity. Thus I'm born this life without an individuality…

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