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The Purpose of Studying Astrology


The purposes of Jyotish/Astrolgy is to appreciate and understand the underlying unity and perfection of the Universe and our place in it. This is often, unfortunately, totally different than what many authorities on Astrological analysis or Jyotish use it for. Astrology in the West is usually used to reinforce mundane personality traits and personal limitations. Jyotish in the East, on the other hand, is often abused by unscrupulous Astrologers, by being used as a tool to create fear and predict calamities that often do not happen, and exist only in the mind of the greedy practitioners taking advantage of their gullible clients. 

In truth, all predictions are completely meaningless for the individual. The value of Astrology is understanding the nature of oneself. This understanding leads a person to realizing and remembering the reason why they chose to be born and the purpose of their individual incarnation. A "good" event or a "bad" event is, in truth, relative to how it helps or hinders a person in accomplishing their purpose. Take, for example, wealth: if a person received a large inheritance early in life, this luxury may have caused them to forget or lose the necessary incentive to discover their true passion and purpose in life. Even with all the money in the world if the person is ignorant of their purpose, they cannot find true happiness. A negative event, such as breaking an arm, may lead to a period of recovery that stimulates reflection, thereby leading a person to realize their true calling. 

It is easy to see that the inherent quality of any event is only able to become visible clearly in hindsight. As the saying goes "hindsight is always 20/20."

Through studying ones Jyotish chart a person can learn:

  • What their true obsession is

  • What their true passion is

  • What hinders their relationship with their soul

  • What troubles their mind or emotions.

  • What the true purpose of their existence is and how to achieve it 

It is for this reason that we say that a person should empower themselves by knowing the simple fact that they alone hold the keys to their incarnation. Astrology can only help them to discover it and fulfill their destiny which they have chosen.

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