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The Liberated Female "Sins" -- She is Called to

From my instagram @claire.nakti in 2017

In the old Aeonic religions, women had to suppress their feminine sexual desires due to the danger it poses for men who are not able to control themselves. This was due to the spiritual stage the Earth was in, which was still focused on growth and mercy towards yang forces attempting to individuate. My work is to help women understand the truth behind the phrase "let the women be girt with a sword before me" in that the code of the new aeon is not to baby any yang force whatsoever, and to give women absolute sexual freedom. A woman need not cover herself for fear of a man harming himself at the sight of her. On the contrary, she should show her body with pride and understand that her showing herself and embracing her sexuality is in accord with the "zeitgeist", or spirit of our times. If you see a man who practices the Occult arts and shows the kind of mastery over them you desire, do not hesitate to "tempt" him. If it is not appropriate for him according to his sexual dharma, he must be "man" enough to not succumb. However, if it is his will and you succeed in absorbing his phallic energy by becoming his romantic partner, then you have succeeded at the first step of the female path, which is discrimination towards what kind of male energy we allow to access our bodies, and only choose who we find worthy. Women instinctively attempt to do this in a mundane level (which is why 80 percent of woman sleep with only 20-40 percent of men in the dating pool, as I've said before). Unfortunately, they make these choices more based on material wealth and power, and, after sleeping or marrying a man for material benefit, they "follow" another man who is a guru or monk due to their husband's ineptitude in this area. The first stage of the female path of (choosing a man with spiritual and occult inclinations) is shown beautifully in the 1974 film, "Har Har Mahadev", where Parvati is shown performing austerities to attract Shiva as her husband. She will settle for nothing less, even though he is a great ascetic and controller of his senses. If a man wishes to be a "master" and be lord of the Universe, he cannot run from Shakti when she sets her eye on him.

No man can run from Maya, which is just male energy projected into matter. A real man makes Maya do what he wants, by tightly controlling his sexual energy. In choosing the man she knows can become her "lord", she succeeds at the first step. If a man succumbs to us and we master him with our Maya, and he harms himself through him betraying his principles, it is not our responsibility to restrain our sexuality, as the female path is one of sex, pleasure, and lust (which we naturally inspire). If our appetite/form harms a man who couldn't control himself and allowed our sexual pull to ruin his will and destroy his chastity, that is in accord with the female path as well, and thus where the female body has gained its reputation of being "evil" over time. As women, we must keep trying until we find a virile and worthy man who "redeems" us with his phallic force and who allows us to "sin" by us constantly indulging in our feminine, watery, indulgent Swadisthana natures-- by indulging in the Earthly/material world, only to be perpetually reprimanded by his male phallic energy, which is constantly struggling against these materialistic tendencies. The female path is to constantly "sin" by restricting and tempting our partner, which, in turn, causes his power to increase through overcoming our games and chaotic, yin nature. We should not seek to become more and more like men but to have freedom to exaggerate and increase our feminine differences and polarity.

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