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The Horror of Love

There is only one single law governing all of reality, and that Law is Love. Saturn is exalted in the wonderful house of Libra, and this Law dominates all planes of manifestation; nothing can escape it. All other rules and restrictions are illusory and have no foundation in reality whatsoever. They are temporary bastions set up against the irresistible current of this most powerful force. What the average person thinks of as Love, however, is extremely limited in scope and it must be understood that the idea of love includes things outside of limited human emotion.  Love is the essence of the Great Work. At its core, it is the uniting of opposite & contradictory things, which, then united, causes their annihilation. In this way, Love is mysterious, as it transcends the rational mind and human personality and even seems to actively seek to defy and trample upon those elements deliberately and defiantly. There are many myths in which a person is "afflicted" with love for a person, which totally challenges and destroys that person's way of life and sense of identity through the uncontrollable urge for union. Love includes many ideas that are actually quite terrifying from a human perspective, dealing with the more sinister secrets behind sexuality. By its very definition, love is involuntary, as it is the antithesis to the instinct of self-preservation and self-interest, and thus destroys the sense of separateness and the individual identity when the emotion floods the body of a victim. If our ego desired it, then it would not be love-- as love is the crumbling of the tower of the individuality, and the yielding of one's individuality to merge into the beloved. Love occurs towards that which is actually most different from ourselves... the urge to unite with all that one is not, in order to experience wholeness. For this reason, there is nothing more threatening and terrifying than love if we are enmeshed in ego-based conciseness. "Love" from this perspective is seen as the ultimate horror. It seeks to shatter our illusion of individuality, and seems like a terrifying monster seeking to devour us. The more we resist this total submission to the destruction of our personality, the more it seems to hunt and pursue us, attempting to induce this total yielding of all that we have and are to the being which loves us. When Jesus said "love your enemies" he did not mean let them walk all over you, but meant to dissolve their ego and force them into submission by assimilating them into your own being, which is what love alone is capable of doing. Ketu is a planet that forces submission and rules the number 7, which is the number of victory. Love is actually the mechanism behind the darkest forms of black magic, where one assimilates the essence of one's enemies into one's own body, destroying their individuality in the process. This is not evil, as most people think, and to believe so is to misunderstand the real meaning behind self-realization. To be whole, we must assimilate all disparate parts of our inner being. All things that we have not assimilated within ourselves appear to us externally as "enemies". When we conquer an internal weakness, we also conquer an external enemy, which is why the Goddess Dhumavati (who is the personification of Ketu among the Mahavidyas) is said to destroy internal, as well as external, enemies. 

The dualistic viewpoint that one's spouse is one's enemy as some say in today's world is essentially the farthest thing from the truth, as the spouse is, in actuality, the strongest weapon we can use to defeat the true enemy, which is the ego consciousness that constantly asserts that it is separate or distinct and worthy of attention and veneration. The more you view your spouse as your enemy, the further in your ego's grip you are, as there is nothing the ego hates more than having its existence challenged, as its job is to maintain our individual consciousness. To view something that is equal but opposite of oneself as an enemy is a mark of a dualistic consciousness, which is typical of those totally immersed in the illusion of the material world and far from the unified consciousness where these dualistic distinctions are transcended. True marriage between a person and their equal but opposite partner is the real meaning of the Vajra or Thunderbolt power wielded by Zeus or Indra, and is enshrined in the mysteries of the "royal arch" in Freemasonry and Vishaka Nakshatra in Jyotish Cosmology. In Greek Myth, Zeus was said to be the God who joins together that which are opposite and opposing, which is the secret to immortality. Thunderbolts were said to be formed at locations where lighting struck the earth, and the "vajra" or "diamond" body is created in this same way, but internally. When we force the opposing forces of yin and yang, male and female, together, we generate something indestructible that is immune to time and decay. This symbol was sometimes shown as a blue sphere with a cross on top, and in which the lines of the cross wrap around the sphere in Greek and Christian Art. These symbols are depicted in Christian Religious art as representing the soul, and this is true, because without possessing a diamond body, a person does not possess a soul, as only this force is capable of enduring the afterdeath state and retaining full awareness and consciousness. It is sex with one's divine, alchemical opposite that allows for the generation of the diamond body grants the power to wield the terrifying and awesome power of the Thunderbolt or Vajra, which makes all those who shut themselves up in their tower of ego and self importance shiver with fear. 

image credits: By Jeff Hart (hartjeff12) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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