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The Female Path is Muddy- and Opposite the Male Path

The female path is, in almost all ways, completely opposite the male path. I mean this in a very literal way, for what harms a man heals and empowers a woman. Religion is very much a male affair, in that almost all of the religious or spiritual perspectives are written by men, for men, and have little to offer the woman of the New Aeon, who is "girt with a sword" and wishes to explore the new freedoms granted to her, and which will only increase as the New Aeon progresses. In this way, we as women must take up the path of self-discovery and write and create material for women in the New Age, which has now become necessary. Religion is aimed at helping men individuate from the many harmful yin forces which threaten his existence, and gives many methods to help him learn to control his sexuality, which he must do, as his path is "will". For a woman, however, her path is "love under will", and what helps a man to gain power will only harm and damage a woman. If she seeks to imitate the male path, she devalues her own nature, which is the Goddess incarnate. Sexual imagery poses a huge threat for men, but the viewing of sexual imagery does not harm a woman due to her "yin" sexuality. On the contrary, viewing sexual imagery, especially of other women who embrace their sexuality, can be a very helpful and exciting practice for women who learn how to become sensual from one another. We need not hide from our urges and can understand that all our urges are holy and nothing to be ashamed of. This is because men must control tightly, but a woman must (if she wants to succeed) let go and abandon herself to her sexual desires under love. This is why if we want to become spiritual as a woman-- that is to be a manifestation of the Goddess and the "earth" itself-- we must become "muddy", that is to not deny our materialistic desires or body (earth), and also to work on our magnetic and sensual cravings (water), which in turn makes us "muddy" and therefore potentially dangerous to any man who does not control himself, and allows himself to be dragged down into his animal nature. We do not need to take up our "cross" and deny ourselves as a man does, as the esoteric mystery behind the "crucifixion" is a totally male mystery and does not apply to women. To embrace the female path is to enjoy and revel in our unique materialistic and sexual natures, for we are the Goddess herself, who is all pleasure and auspiciousness when she allows herself to experience it. Ours is not a path of self-denial like the man's path. You may be asking "how, then, is this spiritual?" The spiritual aspect comes from using our feminine power and sexuality to attract and test a worthy partner, an Occult Master or Tantrik who is capable of giving us everything we need in a spiritual sense (article on the path of the witch coming soon, not requiring submitting to male energy in any way). We have stated before that a woman, instantly and with no effort, becomes the spiritual "grade" of a man she sleeps with, and this is a very true mystery. This is why we emphasize that if a woman finds a man she knows can redeem her, and who has devoted himself to the Occult, she should totally devote herself to him out of "love" and reject all of her temptations to use sexuality to obtain a man with no spiritual or occult desires. Just as the many Occult texts are structured as a dialogue between the Goddess and her Lord Shiva, so too must we use our power to attract our own "Shiva" to explain all the mysteries that are contained WITHIN us. We are manifestations of Maya; we contain endless secrets and are naturally very curious to discover them, being Yin. However, we cannot do so on our own, but must function as an initiator for a man, by allowing him access to our body and functioning as the Goddess to, in turn, teach him the mysteries (and thus why he depends on us), which he then interprets and explains to us. We are told many false, very harmful things about our bodies and sexuality from men who fear it. We are told that men can achieve enlightenment through denying women and the Goddess, and that we serve to be nothing more than a temptation and distraction on his path, only to be renounced. Love under will; her birth religion is her first "husband", in that all the men of her religion have a duty to carry her and protect her (which is why Magha is associated with carrying "burdens" of yin energy). Once she finds her Shiva, she is not dependent on the men of her religion for protection any longer, and wills to interact in love and devotion with him. 

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WOW, this is honestly amazing to read. I haven't ever felt connected to any religion specifically for the reason it doesnt speak to me as a female i feel personally. I have always been intrigued by occult and witchcraft more so. I feel more a connection on a female energy. I hope to see more article's on the female path and different forms of witchcraft. 💛


Jun 17, 2020

I liked this very much! Thank you!

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