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The Best Yantra is the Human Body

I wanted to talk about an aspect of the female path that really puzzles and confuses most people regarding occult practice. If you are familiar with the idea of installing a deity into an idol, worshipping a yantra, practicing exercises like Nyasa, or have ever been to any possession ceremonies where deities take over human beings bodies and give advice, consume offerings, or even curse or cure individuals, the idea of worshipping a human woman as a Goddess will make more sense. Yantras can be made out of many materials such as paper, wood, or metal, etc but the most powerful of all yantras is the human body. This is why a woman who is worshipped through ritual intercourse in the right way becomes, for all intents and purposes, an actual embodiment of the Goddess she is worshipped as, just as a statue or yantra becomes filled with the deity called into it. A woman who has had this done has all the abilities and knowledge of the Goddess who was called into her body, becoming a force to be both feared and admired, as whatever is done to this woman is done to the Goddess or force of nature that was installed into her. If a Magician or Tantrik were to install Shitala into a woman who had the right characteristics to manifest her, she might cure scores of individuals who have certain diseases in a hospital, and simultaneously curse scores of others with smallpox. If you insult a woman who has been successfully worshipped through ritual intercourse as Lakshmi, you can be sure you will be poor and possibly even infertile depending on how much you upset her. This is why there is wisdom in treating everyone you meet like they might be a God or Goddess, because even the average person can get possessed subtly on occasion when the moon enters the right nakshatra. This is because everyone has some type of cosmic aspect to them in regards to their existence, and Gods and Goddesses will jump into anyone available to curse or help a person who needs it. The process of evoking a Goddess into the body of a woman for ritual intercourse takes years and is outlined in the paper "The Secret Marriages of Gods and Men", which is an VIII degree O.T.O. Paper. It requires one to throw their whole being into worship and not let a drop of energy go elsewhere, as (depending on her nature) she can even kill you if you offend her by having feelings for another woman, etc. Eventually, depending on her attraction to the male practitioner, she will come to him in the body of a human woman for worship. When she approaches, she will always request a kind of knowledge or skill to be displayed, which is what draws her to him in the first place. He would never be unsure if he met a woman possessed, because her presence would be overwhelming and even frightening, which is why many people even fail at this stage. This is where the hard part begins, as he must understand how to avoid her demonic side, which threatens to overwhelm and master him during intercourse. It is, in a certain way, a type of sexual battle where she threatens to gain total control over him, which would turn him into nourishment for her if she succeeded engulfing his being spiritually, which then causes him to obey all of her demands forever until he became part of her and loses his individuality. If he succeeds in overcoming her sexually, she becomes like a wife and it is like having that Goddess living with you; she has all the powers and skills of that Goddess. She will be obsessed with whatever modern things are under her rulership. If she is a Mercurial Goddess like Matangi, she will always be at the library, studying languages or playing music. If she is Rahuvian, she will always be performing intellectual activities like literary analysis or astrology. The man will have to provide her with everything she wants to experience what she enjoys, and this is what attracts the Goddess to him. A woman who has had Bhairavi installed within her will want want lots of opportunities to seduce or harm others, and so a man with a large amount of knowledge regarding destructive magic would most likely succeed at drawing her to him in human form, and so on. Men also can marry Demi-Goddesses like Yakshinis or Water nymphs, who are evoked into the body of a living woman to marry the male practitioner in a human body. If a man masters a large amount of occult knowledge, there are usually many different female entities who might be wanting to be with him if they feel he could provide an opportunity for them to experience all the activities they enjoy, and this is why a person has to really understand what is appropriate for him, and which type of Goddess he can make happy if he wants to do something like this.


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