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The Astrological Houses of the Female Path

This article is meant to cover the two most important houses-- in a practical sense-- for the female spiritual path. 

I ask you to read this article understanding that in truth all houses are important. However, I want to emphasize the two most important houses in a practical sense, and I assume that the woman has an initial spiritual interest in the first place, as the factors which create the key interest in Occultism are different. This just shows what is required for her to succeed if she already has that interest:

House 5 is of extreme importance for a woman on the spiritual path. Examining this house will show if she is able to fulfill the first of the spiritual test, which bars her from Occult knowledge. The first test for a woman is one of discrimination. A woman, when she reaches her sexual maturity, can always find men to have sex with. The catch is that to fulfill her role she must not let just "anybody" have access to her, as her role is one of severity. If she is to fulfill her role in accordance with Nature, she must choose only the best. If is for this reason that studies show that "unattractive" women are more promiscuous ( The fifth house rules one's mental acuity and ability to discriminate. It also rules the council and advice one gives and receives. It goes without saying that the better advice a person received, the better advice they themselves can then in turn give to others. A strong fifth house for a woman is the only thing which allows her to understand that she must discriminate between all the energy that is being thrown at her by the hoards of men. Women are Yin; they cannot create impressions other than what was imposed on them. The strength of the Yang, which made impressions on them from their father and then the men around them, determine how much ability she has. A woman can endlessly replicate and create the energy that she has received from her source of yang energy. The more yang that is pressed into her, the greater her creativity, health, happiness, and spiritual growth become. This is why it is said that woman are like the moon. They, in truth, produce no Solar light whatsoever, which is necessary for the Kundalini to raise. They receive this from the men around them, but they must-- if they want to grow-- choose and devote themselves to one source of yang and respond only to that impression and that impression alone. This is because of an energetic reality where, as the man's yang expands so too does her ability to receive it, contain it, and radiate it to others. If she were to interrupt this delicate balance by not discriminating against other influences, she would have to start all over again. The perfection of the moon is shown in Shravana nakshatra, which is that it only responds to one influence and closes itself off to all others. This attitude creates a full juicy moon, full of sunlight, which she can then radiate to others in a way that a man never can. Women embodying the full moon are creative, intelligent, beautiful, and full of laughter and humor due to the abundant Yang they recieve from the man they are devoted to. Women who are embodying the new moon are low in energy, find it difficult to discriminate, are very depressed and high strung, prone to illness, and do not laugh easily. A woman either becomes a full moon or a new moon in the grand scheme of things. What determines this is her response to male energy.

We can think of this in a physical analogy. If a woman has sex and becomes pregnant, she has responded to the formless yang essence of the man and begins giving it form, nurturing it, and allowing it to manifest. The full moon woman will do this for a man in more than a physical sense and allow for the manifestation of all of his creative energy and essence in a way that is impossible for him without a woman. She also allows him to grow by giving him a force of resistance in order to train his yang, which allows her, in turn, to continue growing. This is why, without a woman, a man can never truly progress. The new moon woman embodies the negative aspect of nature or the earth mother, who simply wants to devour, waste, and scatter the yang energy which asserts itself onto her. This is shown in the West with the figure of Lilith, who is not analogous to Kali as some think. In reality, she is the Judeo-Christian version of Nritti, Dhumvati, or one could also say the demoness Diti. A woman who does this turns herself back towards the earth, and is slowly absorbed back into it, leaving any spiritual development impossible. Yang is dynamic, changing, and full of life, where as Yin is static, potential and inert. If she moves away from life, she is dissolved into matter through her complete stagnation. In the physical world, this is like a promiscuous woman who gets unnecessary abortions and enjoys harming men. A woman either learns to give herself up to love and transforms herself like a moth plunging into a flame and becoming totally saved, or acts like a butterfly, going from man to man draining his pollen, which creates beautiful colors but leaves them forever enslaved in the material world and the animal kingdom. She chooses to serve matter and so only exists to feed on the men who cannot control themselves.

The fifth house shows one's creativity and what one radiates the energy that they possess into, out of love. It shows us what we are Yang to, what we give to and do not ask for anything in return, such as our children, objects of religious devotion, as well as works of art or creative projects. A woman with a strong fifth house will nurture and give form to his children or creative projects, which is the second reason why this house is so important. Everything is yin or yang to everything else based on the polarity which exists between any two objects. The moon is yang to the earth for example, and mothers are Yang to their children. A woman who becomes an extremely bright moon becomes yang enough to advise large amounts of people, because of the unique stabilizing and nourishing energy she gives off. In this way, many grown men and women become like children to her in polarity, and this is what occurs with female saints or tantrikas. They are-- contrary to popular opinion-- still able to manifest the harmful, terrifying aspect of the new moon, however, and will manifest this wrathful side when is necessary. However, it will not destroy her as it does in women who are forced to manifest this side of the feminine by their lack of sunlight and inablilty to love or respond to male yang solar energy.

 Women control men's behavior in an indirect way in the sense that men do what gets women's sexual attention. The reason why there are so little spiritual men is that the majority of women respond to and reward non-spiritual behaviors in men, which prompts men to identify with those behaviors in order to gain access to female attention. If a man constantly watches porn, masturbates, is obsessed with watching the football game, and attempts to embody hip-hop culture (which is the essence of failure in Occultism with the way it treats women and sexuality) and hates the spirituality your seeking, it is only your fault for settling with him. Women who do this, end up following some cult leader. This is why in older cultures, polygamy is more normal because the women would only want to reward the rare yang men, and the other men were simply destroyed and their genetic line was stopped.

This leads us to the second extremely important house for a woman, which is the 7th house. This house is the house of contracts, agreements, marriage, business, and partnerships. If a woman does not have a strong seventh house, she can never succeed in Occultism. This is because after she learns to discriminate between what she needs to grow spiritually, the next step is to find a suitable consort. Once this consort is found, she must be ironclad in her agreement to respond to that source of Yang alone. The 7th house is connected to one's promises and chastity as well. Chastity does not mean never having sex, it simply means the correct use of sexual energy. Chastity, along with fear of God, is the gateway of to all wisdom. Chastity is not moral in nature as some believe, but has an energetic reality. If a man or woman cannot commit and restrict off other influences, no growth can ever occur, as it is like trying to fill up a leaky bucket. When we say something is pure, it means without other influence. When you say you want milk, you would prefer "pure milk". Milk mixed with orange juice destroys the effect of milk completely. All men are ultimately concentrations of a particular planetary ray. When a woman chooses her man, if she is chaste, becomes one pure brilliant color and planetary ray. The woman married to an adept of Venus becomes a Vibrant Green, like the Sephira Netzach or the playful, pleasurable, and Mercurial Venus (in the Mercury-ruled nakshatra of Revati) in which she is exalted in. (Budha or Mercury in Jyotish is an emerald green). She then masters all things in regards to that sphere: beauty, inspiring others, and becoming refined and elegant, and helps humanity out of that sphere. Each man is, however, an Island all to himself, and even though he is under a specific planetary energy he is totally unique. The Ray or Planet a man is under is the one which he first emanated from when he initially separated from the creator. To liberate himself, he must return back to where he began, but consciously and possessing total free will, which he did not have when he separated initially. He returns back to his origins enlightened and helps humanity out of this island or base. When we speak of celestial lineages in Jyotish, such as Ashleesha corresponding to the sage Vashishta, we mean that he is the progenitor of the spiritual beings, which emanated from this constellation at the beginning of creation. For this reason, understanding one's Celestial Lineage is important, as we ultimately return back to it. Out of these Seven Lineages, we were first born into the realm of a single nakshatra under that Progenitor, and also return to that world and realm, which is a complete world in itself. This is why a woman must choose a man based on her aspiration and what she appreciates in a man. Just like how women take on a man's surname, and were given a dowry in older cultures to send her off, a woman becomes part of the house or lineage of the man she chooses. If she were to choose a man who embodies Mercury, she would become incredibly skillful, articulate, and excel at any of the 64 arts, and so on and so forth. She must understand that if she agrees to become receptive to him and "marry" him, he is forced to give her all the energy she ever needs, and if he doesn't he breaks his end of the deal. This is why she must choose wisely and discriminate so as not to waste her time watching a man ruin himself who is not able to radiate energy to her endlessly. On the male end, he must choose to "take on" only what his Karma allows, as there are many women embodying the evil aspect of the Goddess who wish to drain, scatter, and destroy him. 

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