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Svecchacharya: Do What You Will

In our present day and age, where the world and all existing political social and religious structures etc. are seemingly coming apart at the seams, it is more important than ever to define to ourselves in a spiritual sense-- what and who we are. If we do not accept the law of Thelema or Svecchacharya, etc. (doing what you will), we are like a person entering a modern-day battlefield with only a boomerang, as all traditional belief systems are increasingly becoming more and more irrelevant to the life of the average human. To survive in this time of upheaval and tribulation, which makes up the birth pangs of a new Aeon, we must redefine what it means to be "spiritual". Contrary to popular belief, submitting to a foreign monk or guru does not make you spiritual, neither does adopting foreign clothing or cultural mannerisms. (This is not to say that one shouldn't study foreign cultures, as being able to understand and explain the occult and Universal truths in every world culture and religion is the mark of an adept). However, we chose to be born where we are and in the culture we are due to our soul wishing to attain mastery under these conditions. Drinking coffee and eating a croissant in one's apartment in France after performing morning devotionals is equal to drinking butter tea in a Tibetan Monastery, as external conditions are irrelevant to true Occult practice. The fetishizing of that which is foreign or exotic is a mark of the novice; there are people of all cultures who learn and develop every ability. Asceticism is only relevant under certain circumstances and, in truth, any external or superficial behavior is totally irrelevant to spirituality in and of itself, and in fact if you're trying to adopt external "spiritual behaviors" and mannerisms, you are less "spiritual" in trying to create this illusory, egotistical spectacle. What makes a person spiritual is attaining self-mastery, which can be done anywhere. Many people claim to be a member of some illustrious lineage or tradition and yet cannot see spirits, leave their bodies at will, or produce any work which gives proof that the system they follow leads to attainment. They follow blindly and believe "someday my guru or teacher will teach me the secrets if I serve them long enough", not realizing that from an occult standpoint, if a person accepts a position of servitude, there is no obligation to give them occult knowledge or secrets just because they choose to be a servant or slave. On the contrary, such behavior rules them out from the path of self-mastery which is one of self-reliance and is elitist; many are called but few are chosen. Many false teachers give people the impression that a person should become an egoless slave, but the truth is that Kundalini itself is the Ahamkara and ego and is the sacred-- the source of all occult power and all that is good, not something to be destroyed, as this would kill the individual. It is not the destruction of the ego, but the control and utilization of it that makes one a master. This requires a perfect integration of the "good" and "evil" forces within us, as both have a purpose. We are, of course, allowed to choose to be a servant or slave to any man or woman, and some even find the idea erotic and pleasurable and consciously wish to be this. The only Law is do what thou Wilt. It is worth mentioning however, that by accepting the Law of Thelema we never have to submit to anyone or anything, as we become the Sun of our own Universe. 

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