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Shatabhisha & Rahu's Obsession with Control

Old article from my instagram, @claire.nakti

Moon is in Shatabhisha today (good day to swim, as the God is Varuna) the final rahu ruled Nakshatra. This is rahu in his most mature form and most dharmic aspect. Rahu has very specific personality traits, which center around an obsessive nature and a fixation on obtaining something that it believes it does not possess. It wants to control or manipulate who gets resources or entitlements. In Arda, this obsession with the status of others led them to antagonize and criticize, attempting to make those around them feel unworthy of whoever they are or whatever they have. In Swati, this usually manifests with an interest in extreme forms of politics or a real ability in business. In Shatabhisha Nakshatra, rahu and his obsession with obtaining his desires and controlling other people's access to resources reaches a critical mass. You could say it is rahu becoming enlightened and finally realizing his own pattern and limitation-- turning this into a strength and talent. He essentially realizes that the only way he can achieve his desire of limiting and controlling the resources and entitlements of others is to actually learn what their real titles and attributes are, and enforce them relentlessly. This brings us to the real purpose of Astrology which is preminently the art of shatshiba being located in the sign of Aquarius in the natural zodiac. Astrology requires one to be a child of Rahu in the sense that one's mind must possess a similar, all pervading, restless nature with an obsession on observing and surveiling others. Astrologers actually travel through the different realms mentally when observing a horoscope. This is why Shatabhisha is associated with statistics. Because Rahu is obsessive and jealous in nature, wishing to control who gets what, when he aligns himself with the Universal law, his office becomes actually possessing the awareness of being able to determine each person's real cosmic role in the grand scheme of things. Instead of wishing to artificially control or limit others based on his own ego, as occurred the sign of Ashleesha which he rules as its deity, he instead travels around enforcing the individual dharma of each being onto itself. This individuals dharma is the will of the individual and their actual spiritual office. It is chosen by that being and not by Rahu, who simply helps them to realize their own potential. When we reach the Shatabhisha stage in our spiritual development we become absolutely free to "do as we will" but not only that we also if we do not wish to run up against the relentless paralyzing nature of Shatabhisha we "have no right but to what we will". This means that all of our false desires must be eliminated or else Rahu, the enforcer of the dharma, will come to correct us as we have betrayed our own law. Rahu is so mobile and so all encompassing, this sign represents the circle which contains the universe, similar to the idea of space containing or holding all of the manifest universe within itself.

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