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Shatabhisha in the New Age

From my instagram @claire.nakti in 2017

Moon is in Shatabhisha, the height of Rahu, the Nakshatra of our Rahuvian modern times. Aquarius drastically reorganizes all existing social, moral, and political structures. It is important to understand that the New Aeon effects everyone whether or not they believe in it; no one is exempt. We can choose to adapt to the challenges or not, but we cannot avoid the forces which are currently at work upon humanity at large. This Nakshatra deals with containment, boundary, or limitation and therefore with enforcing rules and social control. It is the veiling star, which conceals and obscures itself for power. Shatabhisha produces a desire to gather information to control or suppress the will of others. Social media, censorship, and large-scale data gathering are all part of Shatabhisha nakshatra. Shatabhisha is symbolized by a circle ⭕️, which alludes to the idea of containment. Shatabhisha is that which contains the universe itself, but also in a microcosmic sense, the border which separates us and the external universe. The association of this nakshatra with the worst kind of diseases alludes to the water element in the human body and how it is always being invaded by all kinds of astral influences from planets, demons, elemental tides and many other forces. The aura must be made impenetrable through sexual Magick/Maithuna or else when we reach this nakshatra we will be utterly torn asunder and annihilated by Purva Bhadrapada. Being the height of Rahu among the Nakshatras, Shatabhisha is the most obsessed with putting people in their proper place and what they are ultimately entitled to, which is what is occurring in a final sense in the New Aeon. In Shatabhisha nakshatra, we attain the full realization that we are the lord of our own particular universe. Many individuals who reach this level of attainment seek to enslave others, making them planets orbiting their own Sun, and completely containing them inside of themselves instead of encouraging them to become their own star or light, such as cult leaders do. Only you can free yourself from the spiritual submission to another that you have placed yourself in. For this reason, it is important to understand the law of our own internal universe and explore it through astral projection, in order that we may gather flour to grind and to bake our spiritual nourishment in the form of daily bread, delivered to us daily by our daemon in the form of Gnosis. Varuna, who governs this nakshatra, is associated with wine. If we want true freedom, we must learn to use our bodies as a winepress to produce divine intoxication from our own grapes, through the practice of right coitus. In Shatabhisha, we learn the initiated interpretation of the function of demons and their necessity, and also of the ultimate purpose of the female adept functioning as a Scarlet Woman/Bhairavi. Shatabhisha is the brass vessel of Solomon, which he used to contain the demons that he used to build his temple. Scarlet Women/Bhairavis function as sexual initiators, who will initiate anyone who asks into the secret rites in a dream, as the formula of the Scarlet Woman is to reject no one. Just as in the Yogini cult, true Initiation does not occur on the horizontal physical plane. This alludes to certain methods used by many horizontal secret societies. in which photographs are exchanged in order to have intercourse with other members of the horizontal fraternity in their dreams, which is why in the O.T.O (as well as the Ancient Mystery schools) the practice of sacred prostitution plays such a big role. It is also why a living woman is worshipped on the altar in the Gnostic Mass, as only a woman can initiate a person in the Kaula/family of the Goddess. This is also why there is a clear distinction made by Crowley in regards to the AA and the O.T.O.

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