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Sexual Freedom is the New Mass Religion

In any society where the Goddess and the female form are worshipped and displayed openly, we find the reason why it is so important to exercise our divine right to use our sexuality as we choose. Men, when shown the female form, experience many different emotions... from lust, adoration, love, desire to exploit, veneration, disgust, submission, or even a desire to disregard their masculinity entirely and become a woman themselves, which is why many cultures who openly worship the Goddess have large amounts of transgender people worshiping the Goddess, and why so many gay and transgender people are known to enjoy mega-celeb woman performers so much. Some men dress up as the mega-celebs and describe it as a kind of mystical communion with the body of the woman. In a very real sense, their astral form has been absorbed into her aura, which, due to her fame, is much larger than a normal human's. This happened in ancient times at goddess temples, which is why some Goddesses, like Cybele (who was called "magna mater" -- great mother) required voluntary emasculation and castration as a requirement to be part of her priesthood. This type of worship is eventually practiced by all men who do not choose to be Viras or to perform Vira sadhanas, and is an expression of the lunar path as opposed to the solar. This is why an increase in sexual freedoms in Western Culture, and openly displaying the female form, created a rise in the desire for priesthood like this. In the Yoruba-derived religious tradition, now called Lukumi in Cuba, priests of Ochun (the Goddess of sexual attraction and romance) have a reputation for being gay or transgender. The reaction a man has to a woman reveals his true nature, which is why displaying the female form is the most auspicious act, as it is the primary destroyer of demons and evil forces. Demons flee from the Yoni, which is governed by Yama, who is restraint and the protector of dharma. Every person must choose how they relate to the Goddess in the women around them, and discover the extent and laws governing their individual sexual universe. Every sexual act has an esoteric purpose, which can be understood through self-study and introspection. "There is no shame, there is no guilt, the only law is to do what thou wilt." No person must force another person or control another person, and all forms of consensual sexual expression are permissible, but it is also warned that we do not transgress the personal sexual dharma that we have as an individual, or we will face dire consequences. This is why a person must engage in deep self-study and consider what sexual acts they will allow themselves to participate in. We never have to engage in anything we do not fully understand, for we all have the absolute right to do what we will and should never allow ourselves to be forced or cajoled into anything that is not of our own will. The reason why the most sacred value of our present time is sexual freedom is due to the advent of the New Aeon and everyone accepting the law of Thelema, an absolute indisputable right to do as we will sexually, unconsciously. It is not a choice to accept it, is simply the "spirit of the times" that everyone begins to obey and hold sacred. That is why even amongst the modern masses of people who are not interested in spirituality, the main mode of our times is the fight for the freedom of sexual expression of all people, in a way that is almost religious. Nothing disgusts or offends the average millennial faster than hearing someone try to restrict the rights of people in the LGBTQ community, etc. Sexual freedom is, in a sense, the new mass religion where people pour a huge amount of energy and devotion.

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