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Revati's Cosmic State

An old article from my Instagram, @Claire.Nakti

Revati, being the last Nakshatra, shows a cosmic spiritual state in which an individual has passed through the many stages and trials of spiritual life and has come all the way to the end, which is actually the beginning of real spiritual life. Before Revati, we are creatures of circumstance to a greater or lesser degree. Our circumstances are the momentum we have set up due to our past actions, but in Revati we become masters of our own destiny. We do not become immune to cause and effect, but are now free to perform actions which are under our "will" and which are not simply due to a planet "seizing" and grabbing our astral body, putting thoughts or ideas in our head, and creating certain situations in our life mechanically. We are no longer machines weighed down by our previous karmas, but can be said to be a true individuated being. Being the final Mercury-ruled nakshatra, this sign represents the Magus or Magician who has mastered magic and travels through and lords over the universe. Revati is a Shudra nakshatra and so possesses a plump swarthy frame, which is fitting as these individuals--having overcome themselves-- are dedicated to serving others, laboring on behalf of humanity. Individuals who are in the Revati stage of spiritual life are extremely playful and cast incredible illusions over themselves and their activities, which makes it hard for others to read them, which creates a great deal of controversy regarding their actions. They always have honorable intentions, though, and possess true androgyny in the sense that they are creative and masculine in nature, yet extremely nourishing to humanity. An adept who has achieved the cosmic stage of this ultimate nakshatra cares for all of humanity as their own children, not believing they are superior to those who have not yet achieved the freedom they now experience. It is impossible to attain this stage if you were to be satisfied with your own liberation and did not wish to labor for individuals who sincerely desire to seize their own Divine Birthright in order to possess the same freedom.

Moon in Revati is a very still time on the astral, especially this late in the waning moon cycle. Witches, succubi, enchantresses etc. are said to move around at this time, as the stagnation and darkness are ideal for causing difficulties and casting illusions. I recommend, if you able, to light a ghee lamp or candle in your house during the night tonight but don't leave it unattended. Alternatively, light it at a temple or church.

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