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Quareen & The Kundalini : Your Ketu & Astral Projection

Every individual has within them a being of the opposite sex, often looking like a different nationality, which represents the exact opposite polarity of their current incarnation and being. 

The Qareen, Daemon, or personal Demon holds the secret to a person's magical power. This being is our expertise and shows all of our occult skills and powers. In Haitian Vodou, the daemon is the head lwa, or a force of nature that protects a person and is present in all the "beginnings" in their life, a person being a "child" of that force, which is why that force connects to your Ketu-- the male ancestors. Ultimately, the spiritual growth of an individual is a kind of struggle between a person and their demon/kundalini. To generate the Crown of Glory, which is a metaphor for Kundalini reaching the Ajna Chakra, we must place it under the control of our Guardian Angel. Attempting to control this being can be fatal, as it rebels against any attempt of the individual doing so, and it must be done through gradual purification and consecration. If we fall to our demon and it controls us, we become its slave and a terror upon the world. If we place it under the control of our Ajna Chakra or Angel, we become actually free and a beacon of light to the world. The Kundalini, Demon, Daemon, etc. is the personal initiator of a person, present at every new phase or undertaking of a person's life. The personal demon is represented by the Ketu of an individual, representing their personal Ganesha, and a total examination of this planet gives information about the occult forces which control a persons health, spiritual power, and key to fulfilling their destiny in their present incarnation. It must be cultivated and strengthened at each new phase in order to then be tamed and placed under control. This being allows one access to all magical power and siddhis, and is always the first thing encountered in one's dreams or on the astral plane, due to Ketu representing our ability to access this world. Upon beginning astral work or dream recording, one will always notice a figure of the opposite gender-- often under the guise of someone they know in real life-- who comes to them frequently. 

This entity is the sum total of all of their vices and sensory indulgences. It has its own personality and its own likes and dislikes that may or may not be known to us. This being feels incredibly familiar (it is after called a "familiar spirit") and extremely sexual. It is the embodiment of our sexual force and magical power as projected horizontally upon matter. This individual manifestation of Maya is our own Kundalini Shakti, who is in this state until we learn to purify and raise our sexual energy into higher planes, which turns this base, crude energy into a fuel for Genius. 

In the Islamic World, these beings are known for causing all forms of evil, debauchery, and perverse tendencies in individuals. The primary method for overcoming its influence is prayer and fasting. To become a truly spiritual person, an individual has to gain total domination over this being. This is no easy task and the attempt to control this being can often result in the death of the individual or his total moral and spiritual ruin, as this being in no way wishes to be controlled and instead controls every individual to a greater or lesser extent. Control of this being is control over one's Kundalini Shakti, which is the goal of Initation and the mechanism behind all magic whatsoever. Crowley claimed that the mystery behind all magickal methods was in order to arouse the kundalini. When this entity is controlled, a person is able to do any manner of magical things and know any information he may desire. A person is no longer a slave to this being, as the average person is, although few are aware. A person's relationship with this being can be summed up in their attitude and the methods through which they express their sexual energy. It may seem strange, but this being when stirred (as happens when a person attempts to control or interact with it) can cause people to do terrible and bizzare things, which seem very pleasurable to the individual in the moment but are detrimental to them physically and spiritually. It is said that individuals gain control over this Qareen in one of two ways: with virtue obedience to one's Birth religion and prayer and fasting... or, the other method may sound far fetched-- a product of superstition or paranoia--  but is in fact quite real, is through blasphemous, perverse, and unclean actions. This second method is not really a "control" over it, but of a kind of demonic pact or submission on part of the individual who does these actions, which may or may not hold any significance for them but please this entity for some reason. These are often things involving sexual fluids, perverse sexual acts, or activities to be performed in gross places such as public bathrooms. These actions seem far-fetched to the skeptic or the non-believer, but the truth is that these actions feed the amount of Tamasic energy within an individual, which give the entity greater and greater control over the individual in subtle ways. It strengthens the animal nature of an individual, and many of the same magical effects of the first method are achieved, but the soul of the individual is destroyed. 

The Kundalini Shakti or Qareen of an individual is in actuality their Ego itself. It is responsible for their immune system and for causing the personality to identify with our physical bodies, which produces health and well-being in an individual. When an individual loses the ability to identify with their body, invading organisms and lack of vitality cause a person to die and the Kundalini Shakti of an individual reunites with the Supreme Lord, and then finds a new form to identify with, taking with it the lessons and experiences it learned form the previous body. The perverse method strengthens the ego of the individual and gives magical results, but traps the individual in cravings and illusions and ultimately consumes the individual. This strengthening of the ego is why individuals doing these bizarre acts often feel superior or elite for engaging in these practices, and that they have somehow found the true secret for connecting to God.

When an individual begins on any kind of spiritual path to eliminate their personal defects, it is this being which revolts and even produces symptoms of spiritual attack. All addictions are methods which this being slowly attempts to gain the upper hand over an individuals will power. All of the dangers on the spiritual path are produced by this being, and it is this being which causes many individuals who achieve a kind of worldly spiritual acclaim to engage in sexual misconduct with their followers. The most difficult thing is that because it is actually the individual's own sexual and magical force, through its movement, it produces all sorts of bizarre thoughts and ideas to permeate through an individual in order to destroy them, especially when we turn away from the things of the earth. It is for this reason that corrupt and sexually perverse individuals seem to profit so much in our modern times. This being becomes congenial to an individual when we weaken ourselves and abandon ourselves to debauchery. This being is a creature of the earth, and what many religions call a denizen of the infernal realms. Like a serpent which lays upon the ground flat on its belly, symbolizing the consciousness embroiled in illusory earthly matters, so too does this entity "not complain" when we abandon any spiritual ideas whatsoever, and actually attempts to force us into this condition with all its power. It is the source of all power, it is Shakti, the potential energy which when controlled produces all physical, mental, and spiritual prowess. 

All of this being said, there is one proper method for overcoming this being and attaining true initiation, which is outlined in Liber 8. If we attempt ANY spiritual or astral activity whatsoever, we become a victim of this entity even if we do not know it, as it will cause us to throw ourselves in directions which obscure our true purpose. This is the only true way towards Initiation. If we wish to have Initations, we must resolve to complete this operation in its entirenty under any circumstances. All of the horror stories about what happens when an individual attempts to control this being are real and can befall an individual who does not enlist divine aid in overcoming their defects. This is the true path to Self Mastery, and if we cannot take this task upon ourselves we should give up all Occult practices and instead busy ourselves with a life of practicing one's Birth Religion. 

QRIN in Arabic leaves us with the Trump of the Moon, the Trump of the Sun, the Trump of the Hermit, and the Death Trump. This conceals the formula that explains that the Qareen is simply the Kundalini Shakti seen from the point of view of it embodying the personal elemental temptor/temptress within each person. The Moon is a card where one allows one's sensations and desires to control them, which is allowing the material world, i.e matter, to control us rather than the other way around. The Sun card is the vitality and soul within us, and the Qareen wishes to devour this solar light within us and obscure our true purpose, which is the total control of it. The Hermit shows that through spiritual methods and correct use of the sexual force, we conquer its temptations and ultimatly realize the secret of the Final Death card and its overall significance in regards to destroying the Qareen's hold over ourselves once and for all, and the ability to control ones fate after death.

Q+R+I+N=360, which is the number in Gematria of the word "Messiah" as well. This may seem incongruous at first, as how could our Qarin be equated with Messiah or Savior? Remember that Christ calls for us to become wise as serpents, and it is the bronze serpent that was raised up that healed the Isralites in the wilderness. Christ is the Serpent, and the Serpent is the Saviour. We must take it upon ourselves to control our kundalini shakti and attain the Great work. 360 degrees in a circle show that we must become the circle and control the square of our sexual energy.

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