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Putrefying Yourself

The use of intoxicants and substances considered harmful for spiritual purposes is, in actuality, both an art and a science.  These practices are key to many of the deeper mysteries behind the real purpose of the material world. Alcohol, cigarettes, and even actual poison can all be used by those who know how to increase their health and vitality and even to aid us and assist in achieving a type of immortality. We all know when most people get into spirituality they begin restricting all of their behaviors, and this is the first step, as initially the individual has no control over their animal nature and so requires Sattwic living in order to stabilize for the advanced practices. What many people do, however, is stabilize and restrict their energies in this way and avoid all dangerous and harmful situations and substances, which makes them much weaker to these things and allows these things to exercise a stronger fascination over their being. The wise, however, inoculate themselves against the poisons of the world gradually in order to acquire immunity. Those who only cultivate Sattwic energy are more easily dispersed upon death, which is an immersion into the Tamasic yin field. "Everything is poison, nothing is poison"; everything and every substance has a positive application and is only harmful when not used correctly. The most important intoxicant of all for spiritual practice is alcohol, which is "the water of life" and "the saviouress in liquid form", as the benefits that can be had from using it correctly are very wonderful and impossible to get as quickly from any other method. When a person succeeds in giving birth to their homunculus, which is an immortal solar body of light created over a period of several months, the next step is feeding one's own mind and intelligence into this body in order that one's life force is not dispersed upon death. By using alcohol in a controlled way, it is said that we can putrefy our physical body at a rapid rate and thus feed ourselves to this body in order to achieve immortality and transmute our physical form. If you are a man and want to be serious about spirituality, you need access to a beautiful woman (with specific lakshanas and characteristics for whatever Goddess you are exchanging energy with for your spiritual goal), liquor, and access to the forest and a cemetery. Having these elements, you are ready to make some real progress and use your time on Earth wisely. Calling the Goddess into the body of the woman and indulging all of her carnal desires allows a man to gain whatever he wants in life, be it material or spiritual. Each specific Goddess has her own sensorial preferences and sexual nature, and she collects the magnetism and energy through the body of the woman being used as her vehicle, and then returns the magnetism in energy in the form of knowledge, as women preside over Vidya in Tantra. A person must be careful, however to only call forth a Goddess to exchange with that one can truly satiate and handle, as to fail to perform for her and what she wants can have the most dire consequences. Each one has very specific sexual preferences and if you romance her, you have to perform them very specifically and carefully and not be overwhelmed by her or fail to satisfy her. A certain Demoness, for example, requires multiple emissions of semen in a single session and must be satisfied over a period of 12 years or an entire Jupiter cycle. To slip up in any way, or to become excited by another woman, can result in death. If you succeed in pleasing her, she will destroy anyone who attempts to harm you and bring you unimaginable blessings. It is not the Goddesses job or the priestess she is possessing to control herself, and like with anything pleasurable, loss of control is very possible and can never be allowed to occur. If he loses control, she could eat him and his soul could be absorbed and digested in her body permanently, causing loss of independent existence.  Of course, at the end of each universe when the all-consuming night falls, every living person is digested by this feminine yin field, and this is why Kalaratri's bija is Hruum, which is sometimes used to aid a person's digestion. To be consumed and digested in the manipura of a woman either liberates you forever ( a necessary tribulation a man must go through to be initiated in the Yogini cult )if it's the right woman, or destroys your individuality if you call upon the Yoginis too early or lust after the wrong woman, so the aspirant has to choose the right woman carefully through practicing absolute chastity. Chastity is not celibacy as most think, it is directing all our sexual energy to the correct place. Praying to the lord of the seventh house ensures our correct use of our sexuality and ensures the protection of your spiritual power, which can be broken if one commits a sexual misdeed. Sex with different female entities to gain knowledge plays a very big part of form of "Left Hand" Tantra, in which a person never allows any male authority figure or Guru to be placed over one's head to learn from. In this path, one learns only from the Goddess directly and she bestows knowledge upon the virile men who gratify her.  In this way, from his own efforts, he becomes the ultimate Sovereign King of his own world and Universe.

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