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Purva Phalguni & Maithuna (Sexual Magic)

From My instagram September 2017 @Claire.Nakti


We had quite an interesting August, with the eclipse and the many spiritual figures who have been defamed, resigned, or even converted and stopped teaching and adopted a simple religious life. As the end of the year rolls around, due to the nature of the sun in these nakshatras, a kind of feeding frenzy begins on the astral. Succubi, Yakshini, and all other kinds of female spirits and nymphs begin attempting to feed more at this time. Moon is in Pura Phalguni today and this nakshatra is associated with having a happy marriage and the Shiva Lingam as well. In Purva Phalguni, we find the myth of the 7 seven Sages becoming angry at Shiva seducing the women when he visits their hermitage, with his hanging erect phallus, and the sages curse that it should fall off. Shiva allows this to happen and is castrated, and the Universe is almost destroyed. Brahma intervenes and asks that Shiva's phallus should always be worshipped to maintain happiness in creation. This myth highlights the inherent purity of the sexual organ and its role in the Universal scheme of things. Western Magick is solar phallic in nature and when a man cultivates solar energy he will find that, just like Shiva in the story, women both physically embodied or disembodied female spirits will become drawn to him, longing to some of his solar phallic light... to play with him and enjoy with him. For this reason, in all ancient cultures men were taught to never abuse the power they gained from spiritual practices through succumbing to the sexual favors offered to them, and the ruin of many would-be cult leaders often occurs at the hands of women in the form of sex scandals or sex abuse etc; it is a tale as old as time. Bhairava is the lord of the Yoginis, and in older times it was considered to be Skanda who was depicted as a goat-headed God due to his association with the very similar Matrika cult. We have already talked about the similarities of the Yogini cult and the Witches Sabbath of European myth, who was said to be presided over by a Goat-headed God, said to be Satan by the Europeans. By whatever name we call him, the lord of the Yoginis and Succubi directs and churns up a horde of ravenous women with his love play and games. This love is similar to the love that the Greek God Pan felt for the nymphs, and the frenzy begins creating a kind of orgy spanning the entire globe, occurring at night and pulling in many people who do not understand what is happening, for it is his law that all must copulate and have sex or be taken advantage of through one's own ignorance of the dream plane. This is why we emphasize laying the proper sexual foundation in order to purify oneself with right coitus (by practicing Maithuna and the three degrees of Sexual Magick) in order to not become a victim of this orgy and learn how to purify ourselves of the danger. A man can only get so far without performing his sacrifice and duty to the great Goddess, as with pure celibacy. His aura is lunar in nature and will be torn asunder; he must practice Maithuna to generate the solar robe of immortality and render himself impervious to the ravenous female spirits of the dream plane. He has the choice to do this of his free will, and she will give him everything if he performs the offering of himself in the correct manner, which occurs in Chinnamasta Sadhana and worshipping her through the Panchamakara Ritual. Alternatively, if he withholds himself to keep his limited personality, she will consume him against his own will, reducing him down to his base elements and dispersing him. This is why her worship is said to involve intercourse with a woman who is not one's wife, in that she is a woman chosen to act as a conduit for the Goddess herself, and is far from the simple karmic relationships that most people resign themselves to. This was why King Solomon, when meeting the Queen of Sheba, became suspicious that she was the demoness, Lilith, and that she had come to challenge him as his consort, just as every Tantric must recognize and respond to the challenge of her human avatar who enters their life or be destroyed by her. This is why, as with the other Venus-ruled nakshatras, Purva Phalguni as well as Venus itself is associated with Tantric ritual. Not even your guru can save you when the Goddess visits you and asks you to take her as your Bhairavi, which is why in Dante's epic poem "The Divine Comedy", upon reaching the entrance of Heaven, he had to leave his Guru Virgil and take his consort Beatrice as his guide and initiator into the highest mysteries. The woman also adopts the superior position during ritual coitus-- the significance of this, is hinted at in the reason why Lilith, who believed she was equal to Adam, refused to lie beneath Adam during sex and desired to be on top.

image credit: By Aiwok [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

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