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Purva Ashada & Twin Souls

From an old article on my Instagram @claire.nakti:

Moon is in the beautiful and joyous nakshatra of Purva Ashada, a sign of great excitement and invigoration. Although the Moon is waning and so the excitement within is somewhat diminished, we have still survived the darkness and terror and passed through Mula, which is in many ways a kind of guardian to the rejuvenating waters of Purva Ashada. Purva Ashada is the highest expression of Venusian energy and excels within the fine arts. On a grand scale in all of our lives-- after passing through the Mula stage in which we became reckless after seemingly achieving worldly success and wondering what more there was-- we feel a bit numb. It is here that Venus comes and pays us a visit, inspiring within us the love of our twin soul. In Gemini (the opposite sign) we first experienced duality when we took our incarnation, separating from our twin soul. Here in Sagittarius, that duality is finally reconciled. This is analogous to the stage in Dante's "Divine Comedy" in which, after having passed through hell and purgatory, he meets Beatrice, a women he knew in his earthly life and experienced unrequited love for, but did not engage with. He leaves behind his previous guide, his guru Virgil (the pagan poet) as only his Twin soul has the power to take him to heaven. We feel that, being a sign of emotion and joy, it is more fitting to experience this nakshatra thorugh a work of art. I suggest watching the Film "La La Land", which shows this Nakshatra in full. The director Damien Chazelle has this nakshatra as his natal moon, as well as the lead actor Ryan Gosling. This shows the beautiful elation and often quiet despair, as although we may be aware who our twin soul is, many obstacles can arise which prevent us from being with them. "What God has joined together, let no man separate." Mark:10:


🌙in Purva Ashada ♐️💜... did anyone else love this movie?😙 If you want to feel the emotions inspired by the desire for connecting to one's soulmate, watch the movie La La Land, directed/written by and starring Purva Ashada natives (Damien Chazelle and Ryan Gosling). The third stage of Nakshatras begins with, which, as I said in my prior post, is quite harsh and dreadful. After we have been through the sensory withdrawal and smoky dangers of Mula, we are left feeling numb due to contract with Ketu's energies, and so are in need of the rejuvenating and inspiring energies of Venus in order to reawaken our love and passion so that we can progress onward in our quest for Enlightenment. In Purva Ashada, Venus in her highest form comes forward and inspires in us a deep and tender love for our soulmate. This soulmate is an actual factual individual who was separated from us in Ardra nakshatra, which represented the fall of our soul from paradise into matter, splitting it into two halves. This is represented allegorically in the Garden of Eden in Judeo-Christian teachings. This separation and hardship creates tears, which is why it is said that our material world is a "valley of tears." But in this apparent hardship and separation from our soulmate lies the key to our redemption. Lord Shiv, as Rudra in Ardra, wanted human beings to love each other under will, which required a fall from innocence, where we were united with a partner in paradise without ever striving or generating this union through willed action. By creating the fall, he gave us a chance to develop individuality, and then willingly unite back together with our one true love. Due to us always being connected through a sexual link with our original partner, we can access this person at any time on the astral or dream plane, even if meeting them physically is impossible (due to them being dead, not incarnate, or separated from us due to physical location or other circumstances such as karmic relationships).

To connect with this soulmate, we must go through the mysteries of the first degree of sexual magic, called Alphaism by Ida Craddock, the Material Stage by the Basilidean Gnostic's, or the Man of the Earth stage by Thelemites. This grade requires a person to focus on their Ida nadi, cooling their bodily passions to create stability in order to progress into the second stage, which is Pingala Nadi dominated and called Dianism by Ida Craddock, the Lovers grade in Thelema, and the mental stage of the Gnostics. If we engage in this first degree, along with performing an exercise before sleep, we can see our soulmate wherever they are and whoever they are, in our dreams, and even enjoy union with the intimately on the astral plane, in order to practice the second degree. Before sleep each night, recite either of these mantras as long as you desire, a minimum of 10 minutes or a maximum of 2 hours. Whatever amount you choose, be consistent each night. Upon awakening, record your dreams. Sometimes, rather than showing the actual form of your soulmate initially, your subconscious will mask him/her with a person you already know who shares similar planetary energies/astrological signs, etc. Keep this in mind when analyzing your dreams following this practice.

THE MANTRA IS "Sat Patim Dehi Parameswara" for women, and "Narayani Patim Dehi Shrim Klim Parameshwari" for men.

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