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Punarvasu & Returning Home (From Ardra's Duality)

Post from September of 2017 on my Instagram, @Claire.Nakti

Moon 🌙 enters Punarvasu 🏹tonight, who's ruling deity is Aditi. Punarvasu is a nakshatra of mercy and safety and also of the key for us to return back "home" in a spiritual sense, represented on the physical plane by religious temples. Among the Mahavidyas, Bhuvaneshwari manifests her energy strongly and promises us that even the least of us-- if we devote ourselves to her and open ourselves up to her mercy-- can earn the supreme attainment. As the actual sovereign of the Universe, she has the ability to make this promise to us and will actually deliver us all the way to the end, and assist us in isolating and destroying our inner demons one by one, with the pinpoint accuracy of a master of archery. Returning "home" means reconciling the duality that occurred in Ardra nakshatra by eliminating all of our defects, and that which separates us from the state of unity. Ardra cried one tear of compassion for humanity, because although he is the most antagonistic accuser and makes sure that only humans who truly wish to return back to their state of divine unity can do so, he is aware that the suffering and difficulty he causes is a " necessary evil" to temper human beings from their initial unshaped state into a beautiful diamond, through his tempering fires. Like Satan in the book of Job, his role is to accuse humanity and prove that they love God through their own will and not for gain or due to being an automaton. He provides the means for our redemption through creating our fall into duality so we may prove ourselves worthy of attainment. The Queen of the Universe watches over humanity and asks them to choose if they want self realization or not, and ensures that any soul who wants it receives the correct methods. All of humanity is given a choice, whether they choose to become a star resting in and adorning the body of Bhuvaneshwari as a jewel, or we may choose to be consumed by the negative space of Diti or Dhumvati or Nritti, who consumes and destroys all who do not wish to become self-realized. Mula is associated with error, calamity, and evil fate. Like Dhumvati, she tests all false lights in the world and obscures and protects all true sources of light who have withstood her tests. We all are ultimately consumed by the Goddess-- either we succeed and become a self-willed star resting in and adorning her bosom, or become a sacrificial husk consumed by Nritti due to our own error. We were given this choice, whether we liked it or not, by Rudra who asks us which one we choose.

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