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Punarvasu & Mula

Old article from my instagram, @Claire.Nakti:

Today, the moon enters the terrifying and mysterious sign of Mula, associated with Roots of all kinds. The goddess which rules this sign is known as Nritti, the goddess of Adharma. Many people associate this sign with the Goddess Kali, but I do not believe this as Kali does not associate or cause actions which go against the Dharma or Universal Law and instead see her present within Bharani Nakshatra. Nritti is a goddess of shirking ones duties. Similar to Jyestha it does not have a very good relationship with women and can obstruct marriage when placed on the ascendant. In the moon this placement because it has to due with Ninth house matters of overcoming obstacles a significator of the Zodiac Sign Sagittarius in which Mula Dwells, Mula moon individuals can often find the influence of female energy and its restricting nature too much to bare and so if badly placed can become chronically unfaithful or drawn to other forms of sexual misconduct. However moon in Mula even when badly placed gives immense natural occult abilities. Sagittarius is said to be related to one who harms themselves due to there own fault, and creates a temptation to shirk ones duties and this is why Nritti is called the Goddess of Evil fate or evil omen. Aditi the Goddess of Punarvasu nakshatra is associated with the mercy of god and the ability to return back to the source of ones divine origin. Diti is a very similar Goddess to Nritti who attempts to destroy and thwart the soul from this birthright. We can only come under her power when we do not follow the Dharma. Mula being so strongly associated with error actually even causes individuals who write about it to become confused. To illustrate what we mean about actions which lie outside of the Dharma let us consider the event which occurred when the moon entered this asterism last time which was on Easter Sunday in which an innocent man was randomly shot and uploaded and recorded by the attacker known as "The Cleveland Facebook Killer" real name Steve Stevenson and uploaded on Facebook for all to see. This is a good day to stay in and study astrology or perform research which Mula helps with as it has a very thorough and probing nature

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1 Comment

Saurabh Kaushik
Saurabh Kaushik
Jan 10, 2021

Hi Claire, a very nice article on an in-depth study of "Maula" nakshatra which I have never seen anywhere before. Just one question I have Ketu in Maula nakshatra in the 4th house(Chart D1). Any suggestions or hints for me. I am looking for your consultation as well.

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