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On Succubi

When a man views an erotic image, that image-- like any other thing he observes-- is recorded upon his auric shell forever. We unconsciously remember everything we see or read, which is one reason to be cautious about your reading material or internet habits. The sum total of everything we look at and read has a very strong effect on our being, and the science of using affirmations or mantras is a conscious way of influencing oneself on this deep and fundamental level of our individual existence. The problem with sexual imagery is that when a man views the image and it is committed to his memory, while he is asleep, that women-- if she is being used by the goddess or a mantrik-- can visit him in his sleep by pulling the image up in his mind, which causes a nocturnal emission. There are beings who incite men to relieve themselves to the erotic imagery like that which is found on mediums like Instagram in order to feed upon the immense energy released. In Judeo-Christian teaching, these succubi are ruled over by Adam's first wife, Lilith, who was the first succubi. These spirits search a man's aura for an image which excites him and assume that shape in order to cause him to succumb to their advances, and if he does not learn to defend himself and protect himself astrally through developing his astral body and formulating a protective mandala within himself to prevent this, he will never be able to cultivate the necessary energy to grow spiritually. These Succubi function as a kind of barrier surrounding occult secrets protecting them from the profane. They are a natural safety valve in that they ensure only the pure individuals access the more sacred mysteries. They are drawn to the immense light given off by these mysteries, and all those who wish to access these mysteries must work very hard to not be destroyed by these succubi, who will assail them in their dreams, attempting to invade every crack of his aura and mind. If a man succeeds in mastering the succubi, he attains Nayika Siddhi, which is-- contrary to Arthur Avalon and his sources-- a very important siddhi for mastering certain sadhanas. The power of evoking female spirits for magical purposes has its own law and spiritual mechanism that must be understood properly in order to avoid calamity. Just like the spiritual mechanism of witchcraft, which forms the basis of African Religion, Nayika Siddhi is unfairly vilified by those who know of it, but who do not understand. It forms a huge part of the Western Mystery tradition, but is practiced less prominently all over the world (including India), but is always surrounded by a huge veil of secrecy due to the extreme danger of the practice. Only those who are initiated in a dream can practice it, and the teachings are never advertised publicly. Like Witchcraft, it can easily destroy those who attempt to practice without the full knowledge. This is why the West is considered "not spiritual", as it heavily leans towards these practices, and therefore Western Occultism is more secretive in nature and based around Chitra nakshatra. The Freemasons are a kind of cult based around this nakshatra, who invoke but do not worship "The Grand Architect of the Universe", similar to Tvastar, the God of Chitra. This emphasis on technology, illusions, and materialism can be seen in Western Culture, just as African religion (even in the new world) creates incredibly complex rituals surrounding roots and botanical knowledge, due to it revolving around Mula Nakshatra. To be ignorant of how something works does not make that thing evil.

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