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Nritti & Mula Nakshatra

From my instagram @claire.nakti in 2017

Mula, being the height of Ketu energies, gives us so much information about occult secrets that we really don't have to look elsewhere if we want to learn the deepest mysteries. This nakshatra gives the quickest success in occult secrets, but often destroys those who do not understand the nature of this nakshatra and the demonic mysteries that it rules. Every realm has its secrets and Mula, being the root, deals with the mysteries of the underworld and all that is below the ground. By carefully observing the movement and energetic transactions of demons and the world of Adharma we can greatly increase our knowledge of the Dharma and what it really means in a Universal sense, and not dependent on scripture or sect. The root of the body is the foundation of it, and Mula is all about the force which attacks the foundation of a thing's being.Therefore, that which is "good", i.e. following the laws of the Dharma and Manifestation, has a strong root or foundation. That which is Good becomes so through facing evil and maintaining one's foundation and integrity in the face of it. To be sheltered can produce evil through that thing's weakness and dependency on others to function. Mula can be used to utterly destroy something and can literally cause any amount of force or energy to "cease to exist", similar to something disappearing into a black hole. This deals with the mystery of yin energy, which is capable of not just absorbing amounts of energy, but also able to cause it to somehow disappear, which confuses those who know that according to science "energy cannot be created or destroyed". For example, a bullet is shot at a mantrik and upon impact, it simply falls to the ground. There is no heat on the body at the point of impact, no deformity or warping of the bullet. It is as if the force simply ceased to exist, as the practitioner did not absorb any force from the bullet. He will then, of course, need to cultivate more yin in order to maintain this ability, as it can be depleted.

Different schools have different ways of cultivating and working with it, but cultivating yin can never be avoided if you want to enter into real training, as it must be increased in proportion with yang. To better understand how Mula works, we have to think about the mysteries of Purnavasu and Aditi/Bhuvaneshwari in regards to the positive aspect of space, which holds creation and realize that Nritti/Diti has a corresponding amount of infinite space to hold things as well. Existence is dependent on a person maintaining their "root" or foundational energy, or else they collapse into non-existence. A person's existence is also dependent on the negative forces one is able to withstand, similar to how the immune system functions. A Tantrik will often decorate his physical or astral temple with the skulls of those he has slain or overcome to ward off challengers. We all do this to a certain extent, even if we are unaware, shown by the placement of our Ketu, which shows the negative force and momentum we have previously overcome in order to exist as we do today ("What doesn't kill us makes us stronger"). Ketu rules the highest forms of Black Magic and the practitioners of it, who, like Dhumvati, function as a kind of winnowing basket for creation, attacking the false foundations and uprooting those who do not follow the Dharma.

There are, to this day all over the world, cults centered around Nritti which are very secretive.  They are terrifying to the impure, but they conceal very tender and holy mysteries dealing with the root of our own existence, which is, of course, our spiritual "mother"-- our unique Kundalini Shakti from whom we first precipitated out of the void from in our first incarnation. Returning into the embrace of this being is what gives liberation, as we are given our personal portion in Heaven or Paradise if we make it back to her. To lose one's higher mother, personal Eden, or ultimate destiny is very possible, and Mula is the force which attempts to cause this to happen to those who give up their fate and destiny. Ketu is the Sahasara chakra, which means if we want to succeed at Dhumvati or Ketu Sadhana, we must lay the proper foundation in our training right at the beginning. For this we begin to master our personal demon/daemon and obey the dictates of our inner Goddess and divine mother who is always calling us back home to paradise.

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