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Nature Wants to Devour You

For some reason, in the modern spiritual community there is this idea that if you don't drink coffee, or that if you become vegan, or drink kombucha, etc. that this in itself is "spiritual" or superior moral behavior. While one's lifestyle or diet is all a matter of one's individual will and preference, it is important to understand that no set of behaviors such as these listed above have any ultimate spiritual or moral significance outside of achieving a particular objective. This also leads us to one of the other biggest ideas in the new age and spiritual community, which is that wandering around in nature aimlessly has some sort of special spiritual benefit or that it "grounds" a person. These “spiritual” people view the centuries of human intelligence and solar, yang force-- learning to transcend nature and not be hopelessly thrown around by it through the creation of functional society-- as inferior, as a regression, and crave to return back to enslavement to nature. This idea is strange because the object of spirituality is to transcend the Earth and raise the kundalini out of it, rather than ground oneself to the Earth. The goal that people are aiming to have from “grounding” is essentially emotional stability or alleviation from depression, which ironically comes from shedding the excess dark Tamasic Earth energies one has accumulated, which are creating the unhappiness or emotional instability that makes people think they need to "ground". This leads us to needing to understand the deeper significance behind Mother Nature and goddess figures in general. Nature is a kind of harsh, undifferentiated yin field of energy that all life forms are seeking to individuate from. The yin field is always moving downward and attempting to drag them into sleep and death. All life forms are struggling against this force, which is the void that they emanated from in their very first incarnation, and so is-- in a very literal sense-- their mother, but is also the ravenous womb that is a kind of vacuum that they are constantly trying to escape from being consumed back into. There are many forms of the mother goddess that are endlessly nurturing. With full breasts that give milk, they draw all of creation to them in order to feed and nourish them and experience joy from doing so. However, this milk and these abundant forms of the goddess become abundant from all of the lifeforms that they consume in their other wrathful, emaciated and hungry forms. These emaciated goddesses-- which are really part of the nourishing peaceful aspect,-- relish the consumption of all human, animal, and plant life force. If the Goddess was to only nourish, she would become permanently starved and emaciated from giving all of her milk and nourishment to creation, and never breaking down and consuming the forms that allowed her to do so. The Goddess is far from a vegetarian and rejoices at consuming the blood of humans, animals, and demons like nothing else, and her hymns make this clear. Because the Goddess gives nourishment to all life, she also has the right to consume any and all beings who did not escape from nature and individuate. A soul incarnates because it wants freedom from nature. Nature doesn't want a person to become free; she enjoys the endless cycle of giving birth to, nourishing and ultimately consuming beings into her body. When you sit around in nature and walk around aimlessly thinking that it somehow makes you "spiritual" or superior, you are essentially dispersing all of the yang energy that you worked hard to collect back into the undifferentiated yin field. There is no need to fear nature or any other yin force; the goal is to understand its context and use it to individuate yourself. Every single living being is yang to the earth, which is why when they die, the Earth consumes their body. Walking around barefoot in the grass or on the earth, there is no possible transaction which can take place other than it absorbing solar yang energy from your body. There is an important stage in which interacting with yin energy comes into play, but until you have achieved the state where you have filled your lower dantien with yang energy and are ready to begin engaging in tamasic practices, it is simply you unconsciously desiring to empty your solar energy back into the earth, which makes individuation impossible. While you can and should use certain locations in nature and elements for specific ends, there is no benefit in random wandering in nature in and of itself, until you have learned to properly interact with it. The key point to remember is using the forces and elements of nature according to your will, and not surrendering your will to them. Throughout history, humanity has struggled to create society as a bastion against the undifferentiated yin field of nature, but now at the final epoch of creation, many human beings are hearing the seductive call of the earth mother singing the hypnotic lullaby to lull all who are not immune into a fatal slumber to be consumed by her. It is the fate of the majority of creation to become the meal of the great mother goddess, but if you want to become "spiritual", this means escaping the earth and its pull that attempts to draw everything back into its digestive inferno and break it back down into the raw substance of the new creation. This is why exercises like regular spiritual baths, rising on the planes, or cultivating solar energy through practices such as those outlined in Thelema are so important if we want to become spiritually immortal and not succumb to the dark waters of ignorance and death.

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