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Lilith & Dhanishta Nakshatra

From my instagram @claire.nakti in 2017:

👄Moon is in Dhanishta currently, a sign which connects to the perfection/siddhi relating to control over male sexuality. Male sexuality is very different from female in that it is solar (Pingala nadi) and based out of the Muladhara center, while female is lunar (Ida nadi) and based out of the Swadisthana. Dhanistha, being the exaltation of Mars, rules the point where after opening ourselves up in a pure virginal sense towards our own unique source of Gnosis in Shravana, we channel these instructions originating in our Ajna down into our automatic sexual response and begin following unflinchingly the unique rhythm which creates a deep unshakeable form of control over our sexual center, which extends into the dream plane. This leads us to the topic of the mysterious and dangerous world of Sexual Magic and Tantra and why "will" is so important, as if we surrender to desire we can become the plaything or toy of the will of another being, which happens quite often to men who regularly view sexual imagery. Obsessing over the idea of submitting to a beautiful woman or belonging to her as a kind of possession is a very common sexual fantasy in our present time, but was present in all times and cultures. It may come as a surprise to some, but sexual intercourse with disembodied entities occurs even to the average person quite frequently while they sleep. In Judeo Christian and Mesopotamian lore, we find the figure of Lilith and her children the Lilim who are spirits of the night who travel on the wind as a spirit of the "air" and causes involuntary sexual emissions in men during sleep. These nocturnal seductions relate to the reason why sexual control is such a big part of occult teachings or mystery schools. As we have stated before, men must learn to protect himself during sleep through the recitation of mantras in order to formulate his astral body as a kind of citadel or mandala, with familiar spirits acting as guardians at each elemental gate to ward off intruders. The teaching of how to do this is an integral part of the instructions of Thelemic writings and is also a key element in the Yogini cult. Lilith and her children can travel through mirrors which, due to their nature, are portals into her world. This is why it is said that any woman who stares into a mirror too long becomes possessed by Lilith, becoming more promiscuous, cruel, and desiring to seduce married men. This is why it is wise to carefully consider the placement of mirrors in one's house and some occultists use mirrors as a method of conjuring individual Lilim for certain magical purposes. A person should always fortify the area they sleep with holy images and sleep in a consecrated, clean environment that they treat like a temple. It might go without saying, but every person should always enter into sleep only after the recitation of prayers. I really recommend if you find the subject interesting, that you read the collection of folktales called "Lilith's Cave" by Howard Schwartz.

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