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Kundalini Deception

An article from July 2017 on my Instagram: @Claire.Nakti

"Everyday, give yourself a present ☕️" 😉 ... When a person begins any kind of spiritual practice, they begin activating the trance state. The trance state is a person's ability to access the world of spirits and subtle energies. This realm is also the realm of illusion, glamor, and deception. Because Kundalini is our ego/ahamkara, as soon as we start doing spiritual practice we begin cultivating prana or chi. Because it is not properly stored (due to and improper foundation in their energy body and an inability to create a proper spiritual vessel), an inflation of the ego and delusions of grandeur happen, and occur in almost every beginner. These are commonly known as wind disorders or disturbances of the vata or air element within an individual. This inflation of the ego, due to contact with the trance state and some "strange" physical sensations/visions/dreams from vata aggravation, is very unfortunate and usually halts all spiritual growth for a person due to their runaway ego. They go on for the rest of their life believing their Kundalini is fully awakened, and never actually raise their Kundalini even one Chakra. In truth, the Chakras are active in every person and function on the rhythm of the "elemental Tattwic tides" and are necessary for our physical and spiritual health. What we mean when we say we "raise" our Kundalini, is that we have achieved the Siddhi/s of that particular Chakra or element. Although it is typically not spoken of openly, Kundalini can never raise without sex. All world Religions conceal in their stories and myths allegorical sexual mysteries. There are many different ways to conceptualize an individual's initiatory status, but essentially we can group individuals into 3 degrees based on the way that they utilize their sexual energy. These degrees correspond to the three initiatory levels of the Basilidean Gnostics, the 3 Granthis: Brahma Granthi, Vishnu Granthi, and Rudra Granthi of the Tantras, or the three grades of #Thelema which are called, "The man of the Earth, the Lover, and the Hermit."

At each of these grades, the aspirant undergoes terribly austere tests. Almost everyone "spiritual" in our day and age believes they have at some point "awakened their third eye", due to experiencing energetic sensations in the physical body, not realizing that they are not even close to this level of attainment. To achieve this level of initiation requires one to have mastered certain sexual practices. Without sex, you will never in any way whatsoever raise your Kundalini. Without sex, and the correct sexual practices, you will never lay the proper foundation of your energy body and your #Kundalini will lay flat on its belly, deluded and sleeping.


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