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In Depth: House 7 (Yuvati Bhava)

House 7: The Spouse, Partnerships & Fidelity

House 7 is the house of the spouse and any kind of partnership one may have, be it romantic, business, social or other. House 7, due to its emphasis on partnerships, is connected to adultery and fidelity, as well as contracts (as they are physical representations of pacts/promises between two parties). The 7th House, any planets in it, and its Lord, describe the nature of one's spouse. Being the natural house of the active side of Venus, Libra, it naturally has a strong connection to the female energies present in both men and women, which are located in the abdomen.

Naturally, because it is the opposite of the 1st House (which indicates ones individuality), the 7th House has to do with the losing of one's individuality into their partner or spouse. This house is of extreme importance in our day and age due to the current media culture, which prizes promiscuity and infidelity. The unfortunate aspect is that this mindset shows a lack of understanding of the nature of sex and the magnetic center located in the abdomen called the "Kundalini" or "Serpent force". Ketu in House 7 can cause a person to neglect or be neglected by their partner. It can also create a person that disregards the rules of contracts and partnerships due to apathy. Mars in House 7 can cause great difficulties for an early marriage, and delay the time of marriage into one's thirties. Saturn placed in the 7th can give one a spouse that is older than the native. 

When trying to understand the nature of House 7--the teaching of this house is that there is no virtue or benefit to promiscuity in any way for an individual. The misconceptions and illusions about promiscuity stem from the false idea that there are multiple people that one has the choice of committing to, or becoming romantically involved with. This contradicts the doctrine of "twin souls" that Jyotish, as well as the true mysteries, base their teachings around. To put the theory quite simply, a single human soul incarnates into a pair of individuals-- one male and one female. We live in a world of duality and division, and so each of us does in fact have a real and true "other half". Quite literally, we all possess a "soul mate" out there somewhere; the only possibility of achieving wholeness comes from connecting with them.

Because the energies of the abdomen, including the magnetic center, form the glue and foundation in our being, infidelity and promiscuity cause dire consequences for the body, mind, and --most seriously-- for the soul. Being connected to the abdomen, the 7th House has a strong connection to one's Kundalini energy, and so also is the foundation of all of our spiritual growth. Muhammad, founder of the faith of Islam, once said that "Marriage is half of religion". The Catholic Church considers marriage a sacrament and the New Testament quotes Jesus as saying in regards to marriage, "...And the two shall become one flesh. So they are no longer two but one flesh." The purpose of all religion narrows down to Union with God. Due to this, the extreme importance of fidelity for couples becomes quite obvious. Many individuals wish to awaken and develop their Kundalinis or Serpent energy in the Body, and those who wish to do so must pay careful attention the matters of this house; it contains the key to do this. For more detailed information on this subject of awakening the Kundalini and the nature of Sacred Marriages, the Divine Couple/Szgy, or the Doctrine of Twin Souls, we heartily recommend the book "The Perfect Matrimony" by Samael Aun Weor.

Celebrity Example: Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has Rahu in the 7th House. Women with this placement often date extremely famous or well-known men, who she comes to identify with strongly as containing a large part of her own identity. This is because, in this case, Rahu (the planet of obsession) is obsessed with the native's significant other, and therefore craves-- more than any other placement-- to totally submerge themselves in their spouse in a very deep way. This is indicated by Ketu (being opposite Rahu) placed in the 1st, which causes neglect or extreme disinterest in one's individuality or personal self. There is strong ambition to attain a partner that is of high quality or mesmerizing nature. Countless celebrity tabloids  have focused on the disappointment of Aniston, when her spouse (the major sex symbol, Brad Pitt) left her for Angelina Jolie. The recent divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is surrounded by rumors of Jennifer Aniston calling this "karma". Despite it being eleven years since the divorce of Pitt and Aniston, the media and fans remain hyper-focused on Jennifer Aniston's dignity and ego identification with her ex-husband. They have remained fiercely loyal, giving much attention to Aniston, even in this situation that doesn't directly affect her or involve her. This exemplifies how a person with Rahu in the 7th often times dates a highly-visible partner and generates a lot of attention for their relationships.

Another example is Yoko Ono, having Rahu in the 7th as well, and dated John Lennon. This is the case for many individuals who have Rahu placed here. Individuals with Rahu in the 7th sometimes do not have physical partners, but instead marry disembodied entities or spirits. Ida Craddock, with her book "Heavenly Bridegrooms", describes in detail the nature of these types of marriages, and frequently woke her neighbors up due to the late night activities with her Angelic Spouse. Many men and women who become monks, nuns, or priests have this placement. The ideas that nuns are married to Christ, and priests wedded to the Virgin, are connected to this house. This is Rahu functioning as its higher aspect in the house. Rahu in 7 can also cause one to marry a foreigner, as Rahu is connected to foreign things. A person with this placement can indulge in extreme or taboo-related sexual behavior. It all depends on how the person channels the intense energy of Rahu. As always, Rahu desires the unobtainable. There is a strong tendency to wish to view the spouse as God. This is the positive aspect of channeling 7th House energies. The negative side of Rahu in this placement, when channeled less auspiciously, involves extreme desires for other persons that one does not "have". Once they obtain a partner, it is not long before they are hungry for something new again. This is inherently negative because, according to Jyotish, there is only one partner for an individual. There is only the illusion (Rahu) of multiple possibilities or spouses.

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