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In Depth: House 5 (Putra Bhava)

The Fifth House: Creativity, Fertility & Objects of Devotion

The Fifth house can be said to be the house of one's creative, sexual, and individual expression. It rules the act of procreation, as in children, as well as anything we produce in a creative manner, such as works of art. The Fifth house is Leo, the natural house of the Sun, and it has a great deal to do with ones individuality in an egotistical way. Celebrities and entertainers often have either strong fifth house emphasis, lots of planets in any of the nakshatras that are connected to Leo (Magha, Purva Phalguni, and Uttaraphalguni), or one of the other two Sun-ruled Nakshatras (Krittika or Uttara Ashada). 

Due to the strong emphasis on the utilization of the individual's sexual energy, it is also connected to romance and recreational sexual activity. It is the house of talismans and yantras; both are "loaded" with sexual power through the recitation of mantras or spells, which, once again, emphasizes the expression of creative sexual energy externally. The universal religion of "the Word", which was practiced by all of the advanced ancient civilizations of the world, has a great deal to do with this house. 

The articulation of mantras or spells is the third house, but the utilization of them-- including the perfection of them-- is the prerogative of the Fifth house. This science is nothing more than the ability to use letters and sounds to utilize one's sexual creative force for a specific purpose. It is spoken of  and practiced more openly in countries like India or Nepal, but there are strong traditions of those able to use the "science of letters" effectively in most cultures. The Sun sustains all life on earth and so it is found at the center of all the great religious traditions in the world when we revere the "Sustainer of Life", or God. Peoples who have religious devotions to holy children, or divine babies, are strongly connected to the Fifth house. Examples of this are deities such as the child form of Krishna-- Gopala, and The Roman Catholic Devotions to the The Infant of Prague. However, all religious actions venerating "The Sustainer of Life", or the healing nature of God, naturally venerate the Sun by default, even if not overtly saying so.  The Sun has a deep relationship with healing and exorcism, both of which help to preserve our existence and maintain our connection with our soul. 

For example, depending on what is placed here, planets in this house can influence one's children for good or for ill. It can also influence any of one's creative modes of expression, romance, and recreational sexual activity. Some examples: A Roman Catholic with Mercury in the 5th House in Virgo may wear a Miraculous Medal associated with the Blessed Virgin (Mercury is exalted in Virgo, the Virgin, so would perhaps reflect by inspiring the worship of the Virgin). A Roman Catholic with Rahu in the Fifth House may travel to Cambodia and sport a foreign (Rahu rules all things foreign) amulet of a different religion, or wear an amulet that is taboo to their birth religion, such as an Amulet dedicated to Satan or "the Devil". There is a school of thought in Jyotish that the Fifth House is related to one's Ishta Devata, or object of devotion in religion, the chosen deity. 

The Fifth House, due to its strong connection with the vital energy of a human being, also has connections to health and overall vitality. A strong individuality is necessary to entertain others, in any way whatsoever. The Sun, being the center of the other six classical planets, is used to being the center of attention and the leader. The image of Christ with the 12 apostles comes to mind, as well as the modern nature of celebrity culture. Even in our modern culture with celebrities, people gather around these individual personalities and express actual devotion towards them. The example of Christ with the 12 disciples is also appropriate due to this house's association with discipleship. Disciples are nothing more than the spiritual children of the individual in question and, like children, are shaped by the "Shakti" or energy put into them, as well as by the advice (advice is indicated by the 5th house) given to them. This is why Jupiter does so well in this house-- he always radiates more energy than he receives, and this is obviously the right attitude we should have with our biological or spiritual children.

This touches on some of the deeper aspects of the 5th House, because human beings are essentially Yantras themselves. It is a valid religious perspective to view religion, and all spirituality in general, as the act of causing divine force to inhabit the human body by consecrating it. Aleister Crowley, in his "Magick in Theory and Practice" goes on to say "Yet, every object soever is a talisman, for the definition of a talisman is: something upon which an act of will (that is, of Magick) has been performed in order to fit it for a purpose. Repeated acts of will in respect of any object consecrate it without further ado." He goes on further to say, "Of course, the outstanding example of all such talismans is the wife. A wife may be defined as an object specially prepared for taking the stamp of one's creative will. This is an example of a very complicated magical operation, extending over centuries. But, theoretically, it is just an ordinary case of talismanic magick." Of course, in the case of the majority of women, their children become the primary storehouses of their Shakti, or spiritual force, that they direct outward. 


Stephen King, possessing Ketu in the 5th house, is perhaps the most striking example of the nature of the 5th house. He holds world records for having the most books adapted to movies ever, and has written prolifically for the majority of his life. He has published his thoughts about his creations in his book "On Writing", In this book, he describes many scenarios and thought processes that exemplify his Ketu in the Fifth House placement. He explains that he maintains a very detached (Ketu) mentality regarding his writings, letting them take shape as his creative energy dictates, and even goes so far as to say they are, essentially, channeled stories (Ketu rules channeling and all interaction with the astral plane). Ketu, being headless, shows through Stephen King as he writes "headlessly", without his ego or personality interfering with the stories as they take shape (watch video below). His insights into his creations prove true for everyone, although not everyone is as aware or detached enough to understand this channeling process.  All that one creates is an expression of the inherent divinity within each of us- the "Creative Genius" or "Daemon", and not the limited ego-personality. 

In Summary, the Fifth House rules over:

  • Children/Fertility

  • Procreation

  • Creative endeavors including works of arts, hobbies, etc.

  • Casual/recreational sexual encounters

  • Utilization of talismans and yantras

  • Objects of devotion and worship, such as deities or Saints

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