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In Depth: House 2 (Dhana Bhava)

House 2: Face, Food, Material Possessions, & Accumulated Knowledge

The 2nd House rules all things connected to the face, throat, eyes, and mouth. It rules one's family, the nature of one's speech, the quality of one's voice, the ability to accumulate wealth or energy, as well as the nature of the food available to the individual. Singing is strongly connected to the second house and, due the association with the face and eyes, it is strongly connected to beauty as well as cosmetics.  Famous singers, sex symbols, and YouTube beauty gurus usually have strong placements in there second house.

The 2nd House has to do with storehouses such as libraries, museums, and places where food is kept. Individuals who study and accumulate large amounts of information usually have strong emphasis in the 2nd. The type of accumulation is indicated by different planets placed in the house (if any) as well as the Lord that rules over one's individual 2nd House. A person that is accumulating large amounts of occult knowledge may have Rahu in the 2nd. A singer with a particularly eccentric and otherworldly vocal delivery may have Ketu in the 2nd. A singer known for having a beautiful face, and/or for their sensual and alluring vocal delivery, may possess a strong Venus in the second house. Jupiter in the 2nd may signify an individual who greatly values speech, who accumulates and appreciates knowledge of religions, or who speaks several languages.

The 2nd House shows the available money and material possessions of an individual. Due to the earthy nature of Taurus, the natural ruler of the house, it also has to do with the olfactory pleasures (pleasure being Venus) of perfume, due to smell being the sense linked to the earth element, and being associated with opulence and wealth (Perfume is expensive and made with rare substances such as oud; its oil is estimated to be worth 1.5 times more than gold.)

The 2nd House can help a person achieve the stability and storage of one's own vital energies needed to stand up to the volatile energies of the 8th house (the opposing house). The second house, being the pleasures of the mouth, has to do with food. Food is the primary way people in our present age accumulate vital energy. Rahu in 2nd can indicate an individual who receives or craves unhealthy food or foreign food. If one has Venus in the 2nd, one might consume many sweet dairy products and visually pleasing foods.

The 2nd House is also associated with Gem stones, which are coagulations of planetary influence as, well as being sources of wealth for human beings. If we consider all of the above aspects of the 2nd house it can also be said that this house has a great deal to do with our website, specifically due to the great association with the face of a person. 

Celebrity Examples

Sophia Loren wonderfully demonstrates the 2nd House in many areas of her life. She possesses in the 2nd: Rahu, Moon, and Saturn, and they are all in the nakshatra of fame (Dhanishta). We can see the influence of the malefic Saturn in this house demonstrated by her being born with little possessions. Saturn restricted her sphere of availability in regards to material possessions. Moon in the 2nd House naturally impacts the face, and the association of Dhanistha Nakshatra with fame naturally shines strongly in her life, as she become famous for her face. Moon in Dhanishta often brings the woman who possesses it to engage in modeling (Candice Swanepoel, Doutzen Kroes, Gigi Hadid, Ashley Graham, Jayne Mansfield and many more). We can see that Sophia Loren is no exception, as she began her early-modeling attempts at just 14. We can see that, although she was born with material disadvantages (Saturn), she possessed a strong desire for accumulating wealth indicated by her Rahu (the planet of desire/obession), and went through the difficult effort to achieve fame. This thereby expanded her sphere of material wealth through the avenue of the 2nd House, her facial beauty. She has made millions from a makeup and perfume line (money, facial beauty, and perfume all connected to 2nd house). She also has sold two cook books/personal memoirs which is very interesting to consider because the second house is related to all things food. The nakshatras of Taurus (Krittika, Rohini, and Mrigishira) all play a role in matters of the 2nd House. Krittika, in particular, has a great deal to do with cooking, but Taurus as a whole enjoys food.

Because Rahu is involved in this house, a great deal of her energy in life was spent dealing with 2nd house matters. She found her fortune, fame, and success in her life when she channeled her Rahu successfully. The effort required on her part to achieve this is indicated by her Rahu being in this house rather than Ketu, signifying that 2nd House matters were a subject of obsession and pursuit for her (Rahu), rather than something she was blessed with naturally and was deeply/subconsciously satisfied with (Ketu). (See the opposite example below)


Let us look at another mega-celebrity known for his face: Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt is known all over the world for his face, and yet he has not expended much effort in this area and, essentially, is detached from the attention his face receives. This is because he possesses Ketu in the 2nd, which causes people to perceive his face as other-wordly or extremely unique. Because it is Ketu and not Rahu, it shows previous effort has went into achieving saturation of his Kundalini in 2nd House matters, and that is what makes him achieve this recognition effortlessly. It is also what creates in him a disinterested attitude towards the gifts of the Second, as he is famously quoted saying, "Fame is a bitch, man." Ketu can often function as a free pass, or unlimited access, to the area it occupies, because it shows an aspect of life one has previously expended great effort in (during a previous existence/incarnation). Ketu, in a house in general, often shows a person possessing inherently the skill or virtue that a person with Rahu in the same house desires, and expends great effort to have access to. This is why so many people with Ketu in this house are born rich and have no interest whatsoever in the money, often moving far away from the values of the birth family and, rather, adopting the values of the spouse.

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