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Cosmic Uttara Bhadrapada

From May of 2017 on my instagram, @claire.nakti

The moon is in Uttarabhadrapada and today we come to the final Saturn-ruled Nakshatra. Like Pushya and Anuradha, this Nakshatra has a great deal to do with one’s relationship with one’s guru. In Pushya, he baptized or initiated us, in Anuradha he opened our minds to esoteric ideas, and finally in Uttarabhadrapada he bestows upon us the crown of the adepts by marking our forehead with his seal of approval so to speak. This acts as a kind crystallization of one’s centers and has a stabilizing effect on the Kundalini, which has now begun solidifying its connection to the Ajna. Saturn is the planet of experience, and his main function is to stabilize and give us his experience of our teacher, which gives us ability to control ourselves. When the Muladhara and Ajna totally crystallize their connection(taking about 11 years) one becomes an Urdhvreta yogi. The eye of the body, the lamp of the soul, burns bright in these individuals, and yet due to the energy having vacated the lower centers, seem strange or alien to others. This Nakshatra is a period of stillness where our Guru has marked us as one who has attained, and we are ready for our true freedom in Revati Nakshatra where we act as a kind of cosmic driving instructor for others. I use this metaphor as the person who has reached this stage can go anywhere in his astral body and possesses the ability to do anything he wishes. He is the magician of the tarot, showing a person who has complete control over the sexual creative force which he manifested from in Ashwini and he remained ignorant of and unable to completely control until now. In Uttarabhadrapada, we wait for our soul to totally stabilize and integrate ourselves on all levels as we take our rightful place in Revati, as masters of our own universe and destiny. One who attains this self-realization is never egotistical, though, as he realizes he is simply a person who has managed to become a real human and overcome his own illusions and limitations, and seize what is the God-given right of every human being, and he wishes to help others to do the same. Essentially, all of the previous Nakshatras, if we consider them as spiritual states, were equations balancing each other out until this point of conscious equilibrium has been achieved. He is not "special", as cult leaders believe they are, nor is he superior. This is the state of normality for human beings who simply are ignorant of this true nature, which is inherent in them all. However, most do not choose to collect their birthright and simply give it up to the many forces, which seek to keep them from it. Some spiritual figures are obsessed with promoting the idea of bowing and submitting to "advanced spiritual individuals" and wishes for individuals to bow to him as he believes he is a master. I say, one should only bend one’s knee to God and God is within oneself. Therefore bow or bend your knee to no one but your inner connection with God, who is one with your own true self.

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