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Black Magic-- What Really is it?

Magic, in both a healing and harmful sense, is practiced all over the world and is simply a fact of life. Even if we are unaware of it or choose to ignore it does not make it any less prominent. We may even perform harmful magic on others without knowing it, such as is common with the evil eye.This is not meant to be an overview of all magical practices or Magico Religous practices, but simply a brief introduction for the curious. The best reason to learn about magic is to defend yourself against it.

Magic is more prevalent in certain areas compared to others. Miami, due to the practice of Afrocuban religion is rife with individuals who perform acts of magic, both to heal and harm others. If one is occupying a public position in this city, it is pretty much necessary to understand psychic attack and psychic hygiene. Although there is a large community of Western Spiritual Seekers, due to the logical and materialistic nature of the culture as well as the fact that many Western people do not practice their religion in a serious manner, their spiritual faculties and magical power is often far less than individuals of other cultures who still maintain contact with the spiritual. Southeast Asia, India, China, Haiti, and Brazil and many other places have thriving practitioners of Magic arts and those who seek their aid. This may bring us to the question: what IS magic?

Magic is usually defined as any act of will, which became popular from the writings of Aleister Crowley. When people talk about magic in everyday life though in a more specific sense, they refer to the ability to manipulate the "astral light" or magnetism to accomplish a particular goal or objective, usually to harm, obstruct, enchant, or create healing or prosperity. A very useful and comprehensive list of magical acts comes from India which outlines Ten "Karmas" possible through mantra or through ones "voice". These are:

1. Shanti: peaceful magical acts done without desire for an outcome and which free one from problems and mental, spiritual, and physical difficulties. This is perfected by those who practice their Religion and pray. This is the most powerful "Karma" or application of force to produce a result. "God knows best" is the motto here. The beginning of Wisdom, is learning to fear God.

2. Istambhan, which is the ability to stop or paralyze any sort of object, being, or energy that was set into motion. This is Magical act leads to learning many types and forms of magic and spiritual sadhanas which require control and restraint. Used for stopping enemies from gossiping or harming an individual. 

3.Mohan, which is the ability to attract and hypnotize a person. Like all of these magical acts some are better at it than others. This magical act is the main one used by Witches, Dakini, Succubi, and female practitioners of magic in general. Classified under "love spells".

4. Uchchatan, Magic used to confuse, disturb, and create fear and bad dreams in individuals fall under this category. It often makes use of spirits of the dead and materials from birds or cemetery. Ability to strongly aggravate the air element in a person which falls under Saturn/Rahu.

5. Vashikaran, This is the the magical act of utterly dominating the will of an individual, enslaving them and controlling their actions like a marionette. Includes things like controlling demons or elementals for magical works. 

6. Akarshan, a kind of "travel" spell, able to attract those who live far away-- but also can be used to relocate a person who wishes to move or relocate. Burying the St. Joseph statue upside down to sell one's home is an example used by Roman Catholics. 

7. Jrambhan, which is the ability to implant suggestions and change the behavior of a person. Similar to how affirmations can be used by oneself for behavioral changes. Again, some excel influencing others, some have difficulty. Advertising falls under this category and, because it attempts to control people, falls under black magic in a sense.

8. Videshwan: Spells which create opposition and fights between people. This one is ESPECIALLY sought out around the world, as people desire to come between those who are romantically involved.

9. Maran, attempting to kill another through magic. Meant to be used to defend one's family or country from harm in a Military sense. Can be used in constructive ways like "killing poverty, or killing a disease", for reasons similar to why surgery is undertaken in dreadful nakshatras, but this is not the average meaning of the term.

10. Pushti Karma: spells used for prosperity, elevation, fame, fortune, etc. VERY COMMON and widely used and practiced. Some religions outlaw petitionary prayer like these believing they will not be answered and instead focusing on Shanti Karma. Especially used by business owners.

Although it is not widely known, these magical acts are often performed by people of all religious faiths and usually incorporate mantras, scripture passages, and in some cases materials from the natural world such as animal, mineral, or vegetable components. People do intentionally cast spells on each other more than you would think, and it is an important part of spiritual growth to learn to defend yourself or others from these type of attacks.

Magic is performed by "law of correspondences", which is that things which look, seem, and feel alike are possessing the same vibration, and can be used to influence things... for example, rust water from iron being used in magical fights or honey being used to "sweeten" someone. In almost all cases, a magical link is used which operates on the principle called "the law of contagion" to the person place or thing in order to deliver "the spell". This is usually a personal object, a photograph, or a part of the person such as hair, fingernail clipping, excrement, urine, saliva, or semen. This is a reason to be careful with disposing of personal articles and sheddings. This last one is used by some women after sleeping with men to control them. It is possible to create a link to people, however, through message boards on the internet, etc.

Awareness of magic and psychic attacks develop naturally in a person as they grow closer to God. Some practitioners use many plants or materials, while others may make use of one plant such as a type of tree, or one or many familiar spirits to achieve their ends, which can be elemental in nature, or a spirit of the dead. Some use words or mantras alone. Spells can also be done with the help Angels, Saints, or Deities but are often just considered forms of prayer.

Power spots such as woods, cemetery, ocean, or different crossroads etc. can be used to gather materials, dispose of or disperse polluted materials such as things one has cleaned oneself with spiritually, or objects belonging to sick or cursed individuals to remove the effect. It all depends on what is to be done or accomplished. The ocean and ocean water, in particular, are especially useful for Shanti spells or prayers, and can be used to achieve great peace and elevation.  As I said initially, magic is an incredibly large field of study, although it can be divided into this simple tenfold category. Some learn about magic for evil ends, others out of curiosity, others to defend against it, and some others just out of the natural development of awareness, and without desire or attachment towards it. If you are seeking help defending against harmful magic or influence, or other occult issues such as checking for infidelity, enemies, prosperity, or problems with spirits, do not hesitate to contact me. All information is kept confidential, and I mention this as individuals occupying public positions are often in need of help. 

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