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Becoming A Man’s Sexual Universe

The female path is about receptivity and learning how to respond to male energy. When I speak of receptivity, I do not mean simple passive forms of sexuality, but an ability to accurately pick up on (within your own libido) what causes a man or woman to release his or her sexual tension, and then to have the ability to, if you wish, embody that fantasy. Women are embodiments of Maya, which is illusion, and are energy projected into matter. Maya is not evil, but a necessary part of existence; we should not seek to run from Maya, but simply control and project our energy into matter only in accordance with our will. Every man and woman has a very particular sexual polarity that responds to certain imagery and scenarios, which causes their libido to begin uncoiling, and sexual arousal is the result. Some men are attracted to dark hair and some to blonde. Some women like brown eyes and others blue. All form is a product of essence, and certain elemental combinations produce certain physical traits. More earth element, for example, produces a curvy form, while more water element produces a smaller, thinner, dainty frame. If a man is a mixture of fire and earth, his energy will naturally respond to and uncoil around a mixture of air and water, as these traits are a relief to him from his own condition of heat and heaviness. The cool, ethereal, subtle and fluid nature of the water and air women causes his heated and rigid nature to begin relaxing and arousal occurs. Arousal has a parallel to hypnotism in that it is a sort of dilation of the sexual center, which produces a feeling of pleasure and intoxication. Loosening the libido of a man or woman from the proper stimuli is the essence of the female path, which is learning how to embody all sexual fantasies possible. On the physical plane, any given person can never really embody more than one type of fantasy in a truly successful way, which is the type correlated to their elemental constitution. However, on the astral plane a woman can obtain Kama rupa siddhi, which is the ability to assume any form she or her partner desires. Like Parvati when she assumed the form of any of her 10 Mahavidya forms, a woman with this siddhi can take on any form her partner desires, and contain their sense organs within herself, through becoming their entire reality and universe. Depending on their partner's willpower, he will either resist and maintain his individuality or succumb totally, and willingly allow himself to be absorbed into her "space" through stimulation of their every fantasy. When a "scarlet woman" approaches a person, she reads his or her aura and easy finds and takes on the form which releases the person's sexual energy. 

If a man, for example, has a thing for breast play, when she approaches him in the dream plane she will offer him a beautiful pair of breasts and open herself to the magnetic exchange with him in this way. if he agrees to it. This is how much older women who are witches are said t obtain and turn the soul of a man into an animal and then consume it. With Kama rupa siddhi, it is difficult for many people to resist, as a person who masters this ability can offer to be whatever that person wants them to be, and most individuals (in the privacy of dream plane) will agree to sexual activity that is offered to them when it embodies their exact fantasies. This is why if you are in a relationship it is important to learn how to control your dreams so that you or your spouse do not commit infidelity in your sleep. A woman can open herself to the wrong force and can give himself over to another who is not his partner very easily, if they are not aware of their dream life. This is why for a woman, loving must be done under will and for a man, he must only agree to sexual acts which are according to his will. This control over dreams is very important for men who attempt to be celibate, because more and more powerful female beings will be drawn towards the solar energy he is attempting to collect, and will assume forms he is unable to resist, and which he will agree to relieve his sexual tension with in his sleep. These beings will form a link to his nervous system and project his fantasies to him, and he will continuously pour himself into them until they totally consume him. This is why directing one's sexual energy is better than celibacy, especially before one has total control over one's dreams. Many celibate men become consumed by female entities who approach them in their sleep and overpower them in this way. If a woman is to fulfill her role as a sexual priestess, she must never hold back her sexuality for fear of anyone losing control, as she must become able to embody the fantasy of anyone she sleeps with, in a magnetic sense, in order to generate energized enthusiasm and stir the libido and kundalini to direct it for spiritual and magical purposes. A man's path is to learn control, and a woman's path is to learn how to lose control. In this way, she fulfills her role as Mother Nature herself embodied on earth, and is able to allow every being she encounters to use their sexual energy as they see fit. Mother Nature rewards her vessels on earth, as this constant churning of sexual energy ensures the constant change and generation of and breaking down of life forms that causes all of reality to move to higher and higher levels of perfection. Both men and women become very frustrated when they are unable to use their sexual creative energy, and it is the job of a scarlet woman or sexual priestess to help the sexual energy of all of creation flow in one big orgy of bliss, which eliminates all stagnation, repression, and misery that results from lack of magnetic sexual exchanges.

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Sep 28, 2021

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