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Asuras & Mula Nakshatra

By Ms Sarah Welch [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Asuras असुर are a class of beings mentioned in Hindu mythology. This word is also used as a descriptive title for some Vedic Gods to emphasize power or lordship, but in this article we are strictly speaking of the class of beings known under this name. Asuras can be "good" or "bad" in their intentions and overall nature, but in a certain sense it is their cosmic role to do things that many consider evil or destructive, but in accordance with the divine will. A person cannot quite gain the full grasp of what Asuras really are without understandings the inner workings and cosmic function of Mula Nakshatra. Mula Nakshatra is associated with roots, the Muladhara center, and also the physical location of the root of the body- the anus. Just as roots draw nutrients from the soil, so too does Nritti consume the "sacrificial husks" of human beings who fell by the wayside, having given up their Dharma and spiritual path in life, and thus falling under her power. Just as the anus in the body disposes of waste, without Mula Nakshatra the world would be full of impure beings, and it is Nritti who is essentially the spiritual personification of the gigantic black hole at the center of our galaxy. This root of creation is depicted in the famous "Black Sun" motif of the Germanic Pagans and is strongly connected to the primordial, all-consuming goddess, Nerthus, worshipped through human sacrifice by the Germans. Bhuvaneshwari is the nourishing aspect of space. She is the cosmic woman who's body itself we are living in. We are living in the body of a gigantic goddess and enjoy her nourishment, which is her milk. If we perform our spiritual duty in life selflessly, we enjoy her continuous flow of life force and exist as a beautiful jewel adorning her body-- a star unto ourselves. We approach her in this way by wanting to fulfill our duty and purpose, and destroy our ego willingly, and so this is how she appears to us. When we fall out of our own divine orbit and away from our spiritual role and duty in life, we experience the negative side of this gigantic woman, which is her more sinister hungry side-- Nritti. Ramakrishna was well-aware of this dual nature of the Goddess and experienced a vision where he witnessed a woman give birth to a child, nurse it with milk, and then turn dark and consume the child ravenously. In this vision, we see the dual nature present in all women to greater or lesser degrees, in proportion to their own nature. Which side of the Goddess do you experience? It is all up to your personal choice and how well you control and remove your ego and your distorted perceptions of reality. She will be nourishing to you or nourish herself with you as you choose and based on your own actions. It does not matter to her-- as both give her pleasure and bliss, as this is the intrinsic quality of the Goddess. She feels excitement at the though of consuming you and will do so with great passion if you do not follow your path and impede the cosmic flow of the Universal life force. This is why a person, despite what the modern new age rhetoric and the general consensus of the masses today say, can never be too hard on themselves. It is better to carefully consider everything you do and discover your true path than to delude yourself that you are perfect already only to end up sitting being dissolved and removed. All Asuric activity has certain chief characteristics by which you can recognize it. The first is the appearance of what modern individuals call U.F.O.s, which are actually the Asuras themselves and not aliens. These balls or disks of glowing light are known all over the world in a variety of world mythologies and are always accompanied by very sinister events and activities occurring in the areas they appear, or to the people who see them. The second is a feeling of total horror and absolute confusion about what is actually occurring around them. It is actually the job of the Asuras to cause terror, deception, and destruction to anything not strong enough to withstand their attempts to do so. It is understood by traditional cultures that if something is "good" it is also strong and capable of withstanding "evil", and it is the Asura's job to deal out these types of attacks. It should be understood however, that these beings are in no way "evil"  and this is why Mula Nakshatra is the gateway to the realm of the Adepts or the Siddhas. This gate is perilous and a person attempting to enter it is often met with their total destruction, which is why when you reach the renunciation stage of life where you truly pledge to gain control over your senses, you must be prepared for anything as you will be tested. This also goes for anyone who sets themselves up performing divination for others, or who give spiritual advice to others before they are called to do so, and so they evoke the Asuras to pay them a visit... and the end result is not pretty. This is the main reason why the Occult and Tantra is considered dangerous, as there are many wards to keep out the impure.


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