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Ashlesha & The Royal Python

An old article from my Instagram @Claire.Nakti :

"The Royal Python" get his name from rulers in Africa who would wear the snake as jewelry. Moon is in Ashleesha Nakshatra today. Ashleesha is the Nakshatra of Serpents. Last night, I dreamt of breaking into a house/apartment complex, as I often do as the moon shifts into this nakshatra. This highlights Ashleesha's association with the home, as it is located in Cancer which rules the 4th house (the lowest in the chart) of the natural Zodiac, as well as the association of binding/locking things. Ashleesha is an incredibly invasive energy, crawling along the earth on its belly. Vaccination or inoculation, which is willingly allowing the body to become invaded by an organism to better build up its defenses, has a strong association with Ashleesha. It opposes the sign of Capricorn, which is the Goat leaping up the mountain and occupying the tenth house (the highest naturally). Here we have the natural state of the female, which is one with the serpent, moving with great rapture. It is the presence of God, which dwells among us on the earth: the Shekinah, Holy Spirit, or Kundalini. Ashleesha is associated with thieves, reptile enthusiasts, physicians (think of the medical serpent upon a staff) and the lower classes in general. Although it is usually thought of in a dark or evil way, it is an error to only present this side, as it is actually the Nakshatra of the greatest and ineffable purity. Ashleehsa is like all symbols-- bivalent, and so contains both great evil and supreme sanctity wrapped up together. To understand this better, it is helpful to point out that Ashleesha is Yin, and so does not initiate/activate itself, but responds to that which is exerted upon it. Nagas are enforcers of the Dharma and so guard against profanation of the mysteries. This is why it is said, "to sin against the Holy Spirit is unforgivable", as this is a sin against the font of all that is Good, and which sustains all life and existence. Because Nagas are watery beings, they are extremely sensitive to impurity and debauchery, as the water element-- due to its nature-- is the most easily polluted and contaminated, and so reacts ruthlessly to those who profane the mysteries.


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Thanks for the post. I am wondering where I do fit as per this article as I am also an Ashlesha-4 moon in 10th house (vedic astrology)...

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