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Ashlesha & "The Dark Night of the Soul"

Old article from my Instagram @Claire.Nakti:

Summer nights... thought I'd post a pic so I could talk a bit more about Ashlesha Nakshatra 🐍, where the moon currently dwells (Mid-Cancer ♋️) ... Moon enters the dreadful Nakshatra of Ashlesha nakshatra today, and we wanted to speak a bit more on the mysteries of this Nakshatra in an initiatory sense. Ashlesha corresponds strongly to the "worm eaten corpse" of the 40 Buddhist meditations. This highlights the invasive and surreptitious nature of the Nakshatra and touches upon the horrifying mysteries of Ashlesha, which deal with the mystery of human incarnation itself. Ashlesha deals with the human aura and the permeability thereof, and how easily a person is controlled by subtle influences such as planets, the elements, egregores, or anything else. This is why Ashlesha is associated with pests, as well as home invasion and burglaries; the human aura is a kind of watery shell, that is always being invaded by all kinds of things. It is the kind of "hermit crab shell", or home, that we carry around and then shed when we die. In Ashlesha, we learn how to protect our auric shell, and this is why this nakshatra is associated with healing, medicine, and surgeries. In Hermetic Qabalah, Ashlesha, being located in the sign of Cancer, corresponds to the "Chariot" trump, which is ruled by the Hebrew letter Cheth. CH+E+TH spelled in full in Hebrew Gematria gives us 418, which happens to be the sum of the word ABRAHADABRA, which was a word the Basilidean Gnostics used to fight off the Archons, whom they believed invaded the auras of human beings. We learn to put on the armor of the Chariot card with this formula, in order to gradually remove our ability to be invaded by foreign influences and achieve greater levels of individuation. This formula becomes all-important when a person reaches the Vishuddi Chakra stage of development, which is when a person has to shed all that they have and all that they are due to activation of the Akasha, or ether element in an initiatory sense. This destroys the limited aspect of the personality forever and is known as the "Dark Night of the Soul" by the Christians.

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