Are There Spiritual Benefits to "Cheating" for Men? (or Promiscuity for Women?) 5th & 7th Houses

I receive a lot of questions regarding lack of progress in occult exercises such as meditation, cursing others, or even just frustration from following the top tier spiritual practices outlined by Adepts like Crowley, Franz Bardon, or Patanjali, and never getting any results. My first question to anyone struggling with anything of this nature is: Are you married? and it's actually something to consider in this situation. The nature of marriage and its overall effect on the spiritual nature of a person is quite mysterious. If you consider even from an Astrological perspective, it is clear that the 7th house stops all activities of the 8th house by virtue of its attributes (draining them away as the 7th house is 12 houses from the 8th). If the 7th lord is strong, negative things like divorce, losses etc. cannot occur from the 8th house, but also positive ones like gaining occult secrets, using the transformative power of tantra and kundalini in general (which is the manifestation of the 8th house, as it is literal death and transformation), understanding how to inflict black magic on others, or even spiritually transforming through the heat of the 8th house in general is restricted from occurring. It is understood by many that for a man if he does not "stand up" to his cosmic wife, she will, by virtue of containing all of his energy, eventually become his master and overcome him in all ways, which, depending on his aspirations, can be very unfortunate for him. Without a beneficial relationship with the 8th house, a person can never really obtain any occult secrets. Without a beneficial relation with his wife, he can never do alchemy, however. If you want to learn the mysteries of the 8th house (regarding occultism-- not dharmic religion), you have to submerge yourself into it, and that includes engaging in cosmic "cheating" or "divorce" in order to flood yourself with its energies and obtain the knowledge you are desiring. It is for this reason that virile male adepts quickly realize that if they want to preserve their sexual energy and-- by doing so-- their spiritual knowledge and power, they will leave their cosmic wife for a time (such as my previous article describing the story of the "The Odyssey" and other myths) into the arms of a courtesan, and thus activate their 5th house rather than the 7th, which rules knowledge of scriptures, talismans and yantras and also rules the embrace of courtesans or sacred prostitutes. This is a cosmic process that must take place spiritually before merging with the 7th House partner fully. This 5th house association is also why, traditionally, the social class of courtesans was intimately connected with the world of theatre and the performing arts. It is in the arms of her that he can learn all that he desires, work on creative and artistic projects, and spiritually shed all of his weaknesses, which empowers him to return to his wife in a way that does not consume him. Because he is engaging in an affair, his 12th house activates because this house indicates the enemy of the spouse (being 6 houses away from the 7th house). It is very revealing that this house is the house of liberation as well as sexual affairs, and it is accurate to say that by "cheating" on the cosmic wife (8th house) and engaging in an affair (12th house) a man obtains all the occult knowledge and liberation he desires, facing the female form that does not nourish him as the wife does, but rather virilizes him to give to her (5th House) as the courtesan does, at which point the return to the wife (and union into wholeness) can truly take place. This is NOT as easy as it sounds (and doesn't mean being seduced away from the wife from weakness) because few men have the courage to defy their cosmic wife and declare his essential virility and fulfill the requirement of engaging in the spiritual or artistic pursuits that only his concubine or courtesan can give him. The wife is, as I said, the key to spiritual safety, peace, and ultimately alchemy because she disarms the 8th house when he has committed sex with her, but also stops & blocks him from the death, loss, and transformation necessary to obtain occult power. This is, as it should be for the path of Occultism, not for the faint of heart and only for the true brave sadhak who, when he sees the concubine of his truest will & desire, lets nobody and nothing stop him from obtaining it and reaping the spiritual and occult benefits from doing so. The embrace of Hera (Goddess of marriage) brings material benefit and the power within society, but the embrace of Aphrodite (Patroness of concubines) gives him freedom from all convention and limitation and earns him the power and self-mastery that can only come from "getting the dream girl" despite the restrictions that attempted to emasculate him from denying him both access to spiritual knowledge and total submission to social convention. He must be ready to start the Trojan war if need be by choosing Aphrodite despite the consequences. Just as with spiritual and occult knowledge, it is obtained through the sheer grit and virility of the man and is not approved of or given to him by anyone else and, in fact, all of reality and nature seeks to deprive him of it. This is why in the Kama Sutra it is said that although it is not accepted by society, Gandharava Marriage, a private tryst between two lovers agreed upon only from their own wills, is the best form of sexual agreement. The relationship between a man and his concubine is not protected by anyone but him, and it does not have the approval of society or formal agreement that his wife affords him; it is sustained from his own virility and spiritual power. Because the 5th house is 12 away from the 6th house, engaging in this practice drains away all enemies, debts, diseases and undesirable aspects of the 6th house, and this brings power. This is why "cheating" it is an inescapable part of Chinnamasta Sadhana (sex with one who is not one's wife-- listed in the Mantra-mahodadhih & Shakta Pramoda, and also why Sacred Prostitution is a quintessential part of Thelema and the Magical system outlined by Crowley. This can sound shattering, confusing, or painful but seek to understand the deeper & subtle meaning of this and to know that you do not have to do anything that is not your will-- only those who fear shall fail. As an adept, it is important to embrace and face all the elements of reality, learn to control them, and use them effectively and in the proper way. The dual element of being female (just as the Moon has its new and full phase), and the dualism in engaging with females, both contribute to liberation and both can also destroy one's potential. In the journey from the cosmic wife to the cosmic wife and then back again, the man can then stand up to the restrictive force of his wife and embrace her as an equal, and not become spiritually emasculated by her power over him. The man would never have control of the concubine without the foundational strength of the wife-- as ultimately she is his "other half" and the true owner of his sexuality, preventing it from danger (thus why Revati is a hermaphrodite, the final stage of marriage between a man and his wife). To anyone having trouble with obtaining a forbidden sexual desire or spiritual or artistic benefits with a sexual partner, I recommend praying to Aphrodite, as it is her true passion to grant these wishes.


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