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Anuradha, Saturn, & the Guru

From an old article on my Instagram, @Claire.nakti

Because Anuradha has to do with occult research, thelema #bookporn.🤓😈 (🌙 in Anuradha Nakshatra today):

Anuradha is the second of the Saturn-ruled Nakshatras, which began in Pushya. Pushya is the nakshatra where our Guru baptized and initiated us in order that we might be successful on our spiritual journey, which we undertake to raise our Kundalini. Here we meet our Guru again, and just like in the other two Saturn-ruled Nakshatras, he is here to give us the benefit of his experience. Anuradha is the stage in a person's life where they begin studying occultism seriously and learn that all true spirituality is sexual in nature. This is because Kundalini is one's sexual energy, and all true Occult teaching is a way of gaining complete control over one's sexuality, which brings about occult attainment. The doctrine of Kundalini is present in different forms in every world religion and all valid spiritual techniques lead to control this force, which is the proverbial "lever that is big enough to move the world." This immense fulcrum is the serpent in the "churning of the ocean of milk" story, which produces the wish fulfilling cow and the nectar of Immortality. Anuradha is a social sign associated with group activity, which seems like a contradiction for a sign that deals with understanding the occult. Being located in the sign of Scorpio, which rules the 8th house in the natural Zodiac, it is associated with secrets-- but the secrets that are hidden in plain sight, and displayed in all of the world's religious scriptures and even in large public monuments. In Anuradha, we learn the ability to understand the secrets behind scriptures, which are written in code and not meant to be taken literally. We begin to understand what is called the "twilight language" or sāndhyābhāṣā in Sanskrit, which all religious and occult texts partake of, to conceal the knowledge from non-initiates in order to keep the mysteries from the profane. They are open to all and yet concealed from all, except those who cultivate purity and become worthy of initiation.

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1 Comment

Rakshanda Anwar
Rakshanda Anwar
Sep 12, 2020

Dan brown who is the writer of 'the da vinci code' has anuradha moon. I am shooked at how accurate nakshatras can be.

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