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A Spiritual Bath for "Cutting" Someone Off

From an old article on my instagram, @claire.nakti

The moon currently dwells in the "dreadful" Mula nakshatra, ruled by the Goddess, 🦉Nritti, of sorrows (who dresses in all black and carries a scimitar, and hence why I'm trying to look scary/fierce 😂). Although the unstable, catastrophic tendency of this Moon placement (sudden reversals in the foundation) doesn't lend itself to the undertaking of many auspicious activities, there is one thing we'd like to discuss today that you can do during this moon placement, and that is the breaking off of unwanted links that we have formed with former sexual partners. If you have fallen into destructive and karmic relationships in the past, they can fixate your mind and hold you back from pursuit and openness to your true soulmate (which we'll talk about in the next post in Purva Ashada). The link that we form with a person, even after severing the social ties, can create constant obsession, frequent dreams of him/her, self-loathing, grasping, etc. Sometimes we are aware that a relationship we are or were in is unhealthy and not our desire, yet the tight sexual bond we have created astrally keeps us coming back to that person over and over. This link fades over time, but never truly goes away, and that is why it is so key to be harshly discriminatory in regards to who you choose to engage in sexual intimacy with, and to work on understanding yourself and what you desire so that you don't fall into harmful karmic relationships due to your lack of caution and lack of understanding of your true nature. With the Goddess Nritti, we can work to permanently break our connection with someone, to remove all obsessive or lingering sexual desires from reawakening. The spiritual bath given below is permanent and should be used only when you're certain that the connection is harming you or that person. It is recommended that you pray to your guardian angel/deity (whatever you prefer to go to for guidance) before engaging in something like this, to get a better grasp on your intuition regarding whether you feel truly comfortable in doing it.

  • Boil 6 unshelled walnuts in an iron pot for three hours straight, adding more water as needed. Wait for it to cool and pour it into your bathtub, half full. Enter the tub for 8 minutes, submerging your head fully 7 times. Say the bija, "Ksam", which is the seed of Nritti-- the Goddess Mula, and ask that the link between you and this person is cut off. Allow yourself to air dry.

  • Although this topic is dark, remember that after the struggle in this nakshatra, the soulmates are reunited in their glory, bursting with joy and creativity energy, in Purva Ashada, and so there is hope for us all... and we will give practices for connecting with/seeing your soulmate in another article.

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