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8th vs 9th House Spirituality

Being the wife of the Angel of Mars, the demoness Lilith's job is quality-control over the organisms of life on Earth, as she is essentially Mother Nature herself and only wishes for the strong to survive. Without the catabolic element in nature, nothing beautiful or strong could exist. A "pulling of the weeds and watering of the flowers" is also a form of compassion-- involving also the destructive force, a necessary part of creation (which is a prerogative of the feminine force, a form of severity, contrary to popular belief). It is for this reason that Tantrism and Occultism flies in the face of religion, and why the 8th house (a moksha house of occultism) is 12 houses (12th house indicating what is draining away) from the 9th (a dharma house of religion), symbolizing that Occultism requires a person to lose internally the Jupiterian mindset of mercy that is present in world religions. In the inferno of the 8th house, even the emotions of pity and therefore innate superiority-- believing you can enrich someone or "give to them"-- are lost and realized as falsehood, which grants all true equality. This is why, especially in many older cultures, gift-giving is an insult as it can imply that you believe that they are in need of your gift. Occultism trades this mercy in favor of an elitist and very grave view of the world, as the 8th house is like entering the jungle where crocodiles & tigers etc. are waiting to pounce and consume you at any moment. One must be ready to be very harsh, both with oneself and with others, as once the 8th house is entered and one has set foot on the path, the only end result is annihilation. This can be annihilation of the ego's hold (which is the real goal of Occultism) or annihilation of the soul, which is the unfortunate consequence of those who enter the path with the wrong mindset, or with preconceived notions of egalitarianism. Enforced equality does not exist in nature nor in Occultism (where all attainments must be earned), as occultism is "Jungle Law", where the purpose is only individuation, and power or authority is enforced only through a libidinous hierarchy.

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