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Patron's Only

Alert: the feature you are trying to access is currently only available to my patrons. The tool that follows this page is a database of "Nakshatra Faces" (featuring natives with all Rodden-Rating verified birth times) through which you can search by Moon, Sun, or Ascendant nakshatra & other fields as well. This database is increasing by approx. 15 individuals daily, and patrons can also submit their own information or the information of public figures who are not yet included in the database.

You can gain access to this feature through Patreon, where a new password is posted regularly. The minimum amount is only $2 per month. I greatly appreciate if you support this growing free research through my Patreon. As my Patreon grows, this research and the level of free content (videos, articles, etc.) that I produce will increase. Thank you!


Database Current Count: 150