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Swati Nakshatra


  • Vimshottari Lord: Mercury

  • Rashi Lord: Moon

  • Type: Ugra (fierce)

  • Symbol : Yoni, the female sexual organ

  • Deity: Yama, the God of Death & Dharma

  • Sidereal zodiac: 13°20'-26°40' Mesha (Aries)

  • Tropical zodiac: approx. 9°20'-22°40' Taurus

  • ​Power: Apabharani Shakti​- to remove impurities (purify) 
  • Desire: 
  • Common Dream Symbols (through analyzing client dreams): individuals hanging by the neck; frozen people or cats; cats in general; snakes & swamps
  • Feet: 
  • Yoni (sexual organ): Cat, matching Punarvasu
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MY RESEARCH NOTES (videos for each found below)

  • Highest Sun placement in my survey of 100 of the world's richest individuals

  • 2nd Highest Moon placement in my survey of 75 Top Comedians (male)

Sidereal: 16'40-30'00 Cancer; Tropical (approx.): Mid-Leo

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Notable Features (Astrological Physiognomy)

Swati nakshatra tends towards possessing some of the largest and most protruding eye type overall, indicative of the highly Yin-oriented quality of this nakshatra (being a mixture of the feminine, sensorially-based planets of Rahu & Venus). In physiognomy, we can consider that the eyes sitting far outside of the skull (almost to the point where with some natives their eyes look like they're facing in two opposite directions very subtly), is indicative of the Ida-nadi nature of enjoying, indulging in, and observing their surrounding environment to a pinnacle point, as well as having a lot of internal space for being absorbent in nature. I explain in my video on Swati how this nakshatra is very concerned with beautifying its home environment (through things like interior design), as well as they dominate in the field of creating mini-Universes, such as video game design. The prominent eyes of this nakshatra relate to when Rahu's outward-roving attention & Venus' eye for beauty is fixated specifically on the "periphery" or details of beautifying & enjoying one's environment. This Nakshatra's power Pradhvamsa Shakti, to scatter like the wind, ties it classically to movement in different directions.

Extremely Protruding Eyes

An easy way to spot Swati-dominant eyes is a "bulge" under the eye that indicates the high level of protrusion.

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The overall "Swati-Dominant Appearance" 

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Megan Fox, Ashlesha Moon* (Top Right) Natalie Halcro, Ashlesha Moon (Top Left);

Gracie Abrams, Ashlesha Moon; Genelle Seldon, Ashlesha Moon  (Bottom Right)

Misha (sub), Ashlesha Moon (Top Right); Ana Cheri, Ashlesha Moon (Top Left);

Ujjwala Raut, Ashlesha Moon; Nsrina Sbia, Ashlesha Moon  (Bottom Right)

*Birth time verified


These astrological facial morphs were created by combining dozens of natives of the nakshatra to find the "average" appearance created.

Goddess Connections

Explored in depth in my video "Swati in the Modern World" (Link Below)

     Swati is ruled by the God Vayu, who is the God of Prana, who’s bija is Yam— the syllable of the Heart Center. The sound of the Heart and prana amongst the Shakti bijas, and so from a more feminine perspective, is HRIM, which is also the Maya (illusion) bija of the Mahavidya Bhuvaneshwari. So Hrim compared to Yam relates to the use of prana, space, & light to hypnotize, cast illusion, and even to delude.

    Bhuvaneshwari’s name means a combination of an embodiment of all that holds us— Bhuvana Iśwari, meaning "Goddess of the worlds”, where the worlds are the tri-bhuvana or three regions of bhūḥ (Earth), bhuvaḥ (atmosphere) and svaḥ (Heavens). Bhuvaneshwari is the use of Space and energy to contain specific intricate, nourishing, and tempting illusions, which is what sustains and supports our Universe. She represents the space-holding potential for the matrix of all objects and environment, the primal matter of space of which all other elements are condensed, the ornaments on her body being maya, the energy that, as Prana, is the nourishing element of space.

In this way, you can also correlate her to the Goddess Nuit in Egypt, who is depicted as the ornamented space of this reality (which ties this nakshatra to the Cosmic Egg & its dominance in the field of space exploration, explored in

the video & document below).  Bhuvaneshwari relates to the illusions within reality that one can project on their own, and essentially individuate from this Universe through doing so, as well as the principle of Maya/casting illusion and the mechanism related that one can use to create and immerse in their own mini-Universes (explored more below). In the Devi Gita, Bhuvaneshwari outlines a spiritual practice to lead to complete self realization and says that you can use HRIM alone to achieve it, and that it’s the supreme guide. If you understand the secrets of maya, you are no longer deluded by it but are in touch with your own star, so you’re self-realized and individuated-- which is why this star is the "self-goer" and relates to individuation.

ह्रीं भुवनेश्वर्यै नम:


Explored in MUCH more depth in my video "Ashlesha in the Modern World", with other archetypes shared as well.

Ashlesha relates to the archetype of vore, or the consumption of one being fully by another-- especially shown in Ashlesha art as a female, snake-like being consuming "unworthy" or weak males. This can be seen, for example, in the role of Jennifer played by Megan Fox (Ashlesha Moon) in Jennifer's Body (middle). In the film Hisss, a nagina Queen (bottom left) consumes males who try to obstruct her from union with her Naga King, and that film is directed by Ashlesha Moon native, Jennifer Lynch. When Vore is considered in terms of sexual fetishes, it is thought of as subtype fantasy of being dominated by the feminine-- or some say, becoming "unborn". Ashlesha is also the archetype of the Dominatrix, as the woman who craves to be dominated and, when a man fails to do so, quickly reverses (Bagalamukhi is the Goddess of reversals) the "gender" polarity and begins to dominate over him on an energetic level, which is shown in art quite literally. 50 Shades of Grey is written by an Ashlesha Moon native; the dominatrix film "My Mistress" stars Ashlesha Sun & Ascendant native, Emmanuel Beart (far right); "Venus in Fur" stars Ashlesha Moon native Emmanuelle Seigner as the Goddess-in-disguise Dominatrix; and Catherine Deneuve (Ashlesha Moon) stars in "Belle De Jour", about a woman who unconsciously dominates her husband through her rampant sexual desires for domination. This relates to the way that Ashlesha is the cosmic stage of attempting to escape the grip of the mother, melting the frozen ice of the frigid and virginal sexual center, and warming up into autonomy & sexuality (beginning the art of manipulating the Kundalini). Vore is a depiction of those who fail to pass this stage and therefore are "unborn" and assimilated into a more dominant being. Many more Ashlesha related archetypes are explored in more depth at the video link above.


For those who produce astrology content, please note: Most of the information contained on this page (other than traditional associations and anything else noted/sourced otherwise)-- such as the archetypes in art and the media, facial appearance & physiognomy notes, facial morphs, many elements of the Goddess connections to nakshatras, and statistical graphing notes-- is original research, not something regurgitated from elsewhere for anyone's random use, as is often done on the internet. For that reason, I am highly appreciative if you reference my work in any content you plan to publish that includes these original notes. I put a ton of my time into collecting and sharing this information for free, and really appreciate it not being taken carelessly.

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