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Mrigashira Nakshatra


  • Vimshottari Lord: Mercury

  • Rashi Lord: Moon

  • Type: Ugra (fierce)

  • Symbol : Yoni, the female sexual organ

  • Deity: Yama, the God of Death & Dharma

  • Sidereal zodiac: 13°20'-26°40' Mesha (Aries)

  • Tropical zodiac: approx. 9°20'-22°40' Taurus

  • ​Power: Apabharani Shakti​- to remove impurities (purify) 
  • Desire: 
  • Common Dream Symbols (through analyzing client dreams): deer, pursuit
  • Feet: 
  • Yoni (sexual organ): Cat, matching Punarvasu
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MY RESEARCH NOTES (videos for each found below)

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Sidereal: 16'40-30'00 Cancer; Tropical (approx.): Mid-Leo

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Notable Features (Astrological Physiognomy)

Long Distance Between Eyes & Mouth

Mrigashira natives often possess a long, straight nose bridge that gives a regal beauty-type, where there is a long distance between the eyes and mouth, reminiscent of a deer. This is an interesting correlation in light of Mrigashira's symbol being the deer, and this nakshatra having been created in myth when Rohini had awoken to her creator, Brahma's, pursuit of her and ran away as a deer. Brahma became a stag, chasing after her through the stars, and Rudra beheaded him in punishment for desiring his own "daughter", creating the nakshatra of Mrigashira.

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These astrological facial morphs were created by combining dozens of natives of the nakshatra to find the "average" appearance created.


The overall "Mrigashira-Dominant Appearance" 

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Megan Fox, Ashlesha Moon* (Top Right) Natalie Halcro, Ashlesha Moon (Top Left);

Gracie Abrams, Ashlesha Moon; Genelle Seldon, Ashlesha Moon  (Bottom Right)

Misha (sub), Ashlesha Moon (Top Right); Ana Cheri, Ashlesha Moon (Top Left);

Ujjwala Raut, Ashlesha Moon; Nsrina Sbia, Ashlesha Moon  (Bottom Right)

*Birth time verified

Goddess Connections

Explored in depth in my video "Mrigashira in the Modern World" (Link Below)

Tripura Sundari she who plays and its connection to Rohini/Kamala it is its yoni consort and it knows shri, and is the more like nourishing women  aspect towards making everyone like more babyish

ऐं क्लीं सौः सौः क्लीं ऐं॥


Explored in more depth in my video "Mrigashira in the Modern World", with other archetypes shared as well.

    While Rohini (before Mrigashira) is the blissful Garden of Eden state and Ardra (after Mrigashira) is the total fall into duality out of the Garden, Mrigashira is the inspired spark of craving for free will depicted in Eve being tempted to eat the forbidden apple, and pulling Adam into duality with her-- realizing they are naked and falling into duality, hardship, and suffering brought on by the brave desire for knowledge. Mrigashira nakshatra is also the special cosmic position of churning difference and therefore polarity between the genders, as Mrigashira is the "Mobile Rohini" who, in gaining free will, runs from her creator (Brahma), initiating the first cosmic act of pursuit. As the birth of Mars, as well as combined with the awakening to duality and the intellect in Gemini, this manifests in modern archetypes and myth in an interesting and perhaps unexpected way. It manifests through myths which show male divinity and empowerment in being constantly tested and virilized through endless pursuit of the woman he loves, never quite achieving her but always having to become stronger and better in order to win her love over and over. Simultaneously, Mrigashira art demonstrates female empowerment, where females truly wake up to the choice of running away, testing and tempting a man and causing him to learn concentration and direction of his energy, and only letting the best pursue her. In modern myth and archetypes, this manifests interestingly as a recurrent theme of memory loss on the part of the female, and the man being forced to “wake” the sleeping princess over and over again, essentially because Mrigashira introduces the idea that beauty is scarce and must be earned for a man, the theme of memory loss relating to dissolving in and out of the Garden, between a waking state of awareness (after eating the apple) and a state of blissful sleep and unawareness (before eating the apple).


      In The Notebook (right), Mrigashira Moon native Rachel McAdams, who has aged and lost her memory, is lovingly told the story of her romance with her husband every single night (who she views as a stranger) by him in hopes that she will remember her love for him just briefly in order for him to hug and kiss her again.  In 50 First Dates, Adam Sandler is constantly tested and forced to assert his masculine nature and remind his wife, Mrigashira ascendant native Drew Barrymore, every morning about their love through a video tape he made, because she has suffered memory loss and forgets him every night when she goes to sleep. His love for her is so strong, that every day they fall in love all over again and he wins her back. In Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (and interesting title referencing the “Eden" state of bliss when one is unaware of duality or pain), Kate Winslet allows a memory service to erase her memory in order to completely forget all details and memories of her failing romance with Mrigashira moon native Jim Carrey. When he decides to get his memory erased as well, the film enters his mind and depicts his suffering and terror as they erase each treasured and cherished memory of his love, and he frantically tries to hide any remnant of it deeply enough in his brain that he will recall her. Mrigashira Moon & Ascendant native Julianne Moore stars in the movie Still Alice about early onset Alzhemier’s, as she struggles to leave notes for herself to remember her husband and loved ones before she forgets them entirely.  This is also shown in the film Overboard starring Mrigashira moon native Goldie Hawn, a woman who suffers a head injury and forgets her wealthy and privileged life completely. She is found by a single father (Kurt Russell) who convinces her that she was his wife & the Mother of his children all along. Many more examples of this exact archetype are found in my video or Mrigashira document (below).


For those who produce astrology content, please note: Most of the information contained on this page (other than traditional associations and anything else noted/sourced otherwise)-- such as the archetypes in art and the media, facial appearance & physiognomy notes, facial morphs, many elements of the Goddess connections to nakshatras, and statistical graphing notes-- is original research, not something regurgitated from elsewhere for anyone's random use, as is often done on the internet. For that reason, I am highly appreciative if you reference my work in any content you plan to publish that includes these original notes. I put a ton of my time into collecting and sharing this information for free, and really appreciate it not being taken carelessly.

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