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Mrigashira Nakshatra


  • Vimshottari Lord: Mercury

  • Rashi Lord: Moon

  • Type: Ugra (fierce)

  • Symbol : Yoni, the female sexual organ

  • Deity: Yama, the God of Death & Dharma

  • Sidereal zodiac: 13°20'-26°40' Mesha (Aries)

  • Tropical zodiac: approx. 9°20'-22°40' Taurus

  • ​Power: Apabharani Shakti​- to remove impurities (purify) 
  • Desire: 
  • Common Dream Symbols (through analyzing client dreams): individuals hanging by the neck; frozen people or cats; cats in general; snakes & swamps
  • Feet: 
  • Yoni (sexual organ): Cat, matching Punarvasu
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MY RESEARCH NOTES (videos for each found below)

  • Top Sun placement in my survey of 75 Instagram Models (female)

Sidereal: 16'40-30'00 Cancer; Tropical (approx.): Mid-Leo

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Notable Features (Astrological Physiognomy)


Easily Recognized

Due to the particularly unique nature of Mrigashira's features, which tend to be exaggerated in some ways that hardly any other nakshatra even resembles (explored in the next slides), Mrigashira is one of the most easily spotted nakshatras by the average person. It's common to see Mrigashira media figures compared physically only to other Mrigashira natives, due to how uniquely and formulaically this nakshatra manifests on the face.


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The overall "Ashlesha-Dominant Appearance" 

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Megan Fox, Ashlesha Moon* (Top Right) Natalie Halcro, Ashlesha Moon (Top Left);

Gracie Abrams, Ashlesha Moon; Genelle Seldon, Ashlesha Moon  (Bottom Right)

Misha (sub), Ashlesha Moon (Top Right); Ana Cheri, Ashlesha Moon (Top Left);

Ujjwala Raut, Ashlesha Moon; Nsrina Sbia, Ashlesha Moon  (Bottom Right)

*Birth time verified


These astrological facial morphs were created by combining dozens of natives of the nakshatra to find the "average" appearance created.

Goddess Connections

Bagalamukhi is the "noose-face" Goddess associated with the Nagas. For example, turmeric is used to worship Nagas in South Indian; Ashlesha nakshatra gives the power to paralyze, poison, and overcome one's enemies. Bagalmukhi was said to be born in a lake of turmeric, and as can be seen, these women are often found in art in "vore" scenarios, in which a woman fully swallows her male prey (below). In the myth of Parvati swallowing Shiva whole in a snake-like manner, she is cursed by him and called "Bagalamukhi", while the mahavidya, Dhumavati, is produced from the smoke involved in myth.

From David Kinsley: "The myth also hints at the meaning of Bagalamukhi's name, which may be translated "she who has the head or face of a crane." Like a crane, she swallowed whole what she ate-- her husband-- and perhaps this is why she is called Bagalamukhi." (Tantric Visions of the Divine Feminine)

Placed at the Knot-end (Gandanta) that ties together the ending of Ashlesha with Cancer rashi, this is a key initiatory point relating to passing the Brahma Granthi in yoga, and escaping the Hydra/devouring Mother's grip. Bagalamukhi is the Brahmastra, the weapon used against those crossing this point-- determining who will pass or fail to pass here.

ॐ ह्लीं बगलामुखी सर्व दुष्टानां वाचं मुखं पदं स्तम्भय जिव्हां कीलय बुद्धिं विनाशय ह्लीं ॐ स्वाहा

Explored in depth in my video "Ashlesha in the Modern World" (Link Below)


Explored in MUCH more depth in my video "Ashlesha in the Modern World", with other archetypes shared as well.

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For those who produce astrology content, please note: Most of the information contained on this page (other than traditional associations and anything else noted/sourced otherwise)-- such as the archetypes in art and the media, facial appearance & physiognomy notes, facial morphs, many elements of the Goddess connections to nakshatras, and statistical graphing notes-- is original research, not something regurgitated from elsewhere for anyone's random use, as is often done on the internet. For that reason, I am highly appreciative if you reference my work in any content you plan to publish that includes these original notes. I put a ton of my time into collecting and sharing this information for free, and really appreciate it not being taken carelessly.

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